Synth Heaven –

I love to write songs and compose my own music, and so I would often look out for cool synthesizer VSTs. I got a bunch of cool synth VSTs, but I do admire the vintage hardware versions of them too. Today, I found a YouTube video that showcases a synth museum in Switzerland, and it’s awesome. This synth museum got so many hardware synths that I think all synth lovers will be at awe just to be in this place. Check out the video right after the break to see what I meant!


A Rock and A Hard Place

Sometimes, a relationship can go so wrong, but yet you still want to make it work. This song is all about understanding your partner.  Check out this song on SoundCloud.

New Music Single: “Hungry For Love (Rap)”

Hello everyone, check out my new released single “Hungry for Love” on the streaming services right after this paragraph! A bit of a warning though, my new single isn’t a Pop or Alternative single but it is a rap song! So there you go, if you don’t like rap music I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to check it out. Nonetheless, if you like rap music you may want to see how I rap. For your information, I’m not a true rapper since I don’t really make many rap songs! Still, what harm can it be if I make one right?

An Angry Tyrant – Poem by Vinh Nguyen

Bountiful tasty morsels are dazzling and glaring,
inviting the fish of the sea to party and feast,
as the tasty morsels dwindling away and so the feeling,
are too dwindling and shrinking away from the beasts,
they swim away willingly in silent without protesting,
only a lonely tyrant left standing all alone, not so intrigue,
wondering why the party had ended even though he’s so towering,
over the little beasts that were once drooling around his feet,
“oh, this is definitely so lonely,” says the tyrant with a feeling,
“perhaps, I should have been more angry,” while shuffling his feet.

You Know What You Did Music Single (MP3) – New Release

Hi folks! If you have followed me for quite a while, you probably already know that I’m also producing and mixing my own music. I think my earlier works were really sucked. Yep, I don’t lie about how I was really sucked, but I think I’m getting better somewhat. So, today, I like to introduce you guys to my newest Single release “You Know What You Did.” This song is now out and available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, and Tidal. Hopefully, this new Single isn’t as bad as my earlier ones. Check out the cover art for this single right after the break. Enjoy!

You Know What You Did Music Single (MP3)

You can also visit my music blog if you like to check out my earlier Singles. By the way, there are other artists out there with a similar name to mine, but their works are most likely in Vietnamese. All of my songs are in English! Basically, you can tell that if a song on Spotify and other streaming services are not mine if they aren’t titled in English. Furthermore, all lyrics within all of my songs are in English too! Simply put, I don’t know how to write a song in Vietnamese even though I’m a Vietnamese American which is ethnically a Vietnamese born person.

With Night Light Shines Through (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far. Enjoy!

With night light pierces through,
with light, night covets for an expanse,
the contradiction may ensue,
night light fight, for the love of filling an expanse.

Without night, light is through,
without light, night wishes not to expand,
the contradiction may ensue,
lovers they may be, they fight each other for the expanse.

In the darkness, light inspires the fools,
in the light, darkness finds common sense,
thus in time, one must seek out the light to strike down the fools,
one must also swim in the darkness to quench the thirsty senses.