Police Isn’t For Hired As Dumb Muscle To United Airlines

A YouTube reaction from a police officer Dominick Izzo, according to his YouTube username, to the United Airlines’ recent fiasco is awesome, because he points out in his video that police job isn’t to be a hired dumb muscle for a corporation.  Check out his video right after the break.  Enjoy!


United Airlines Training Video? Beating Passenger Up For Refusing To Give Up Paid Seat For UA’s Own Employees.

This could be United Airlines’ training video.  Check it out and you would laugh yourself to tear at the video, but feel disgusting about UA’s recent idiotic action.  Why?  Well, recently UA decided it was wise to bloodied a man face and dragged him off the plane like an animal for he refused to give up his paid seat for one of UA’s employees.  I mean, the people that involved in the incident got no common sense at all.  Plus, it tells me that people are definitely capable of being a slave to corporation and treating another human being like an animal.  After all, we all know animals can be abused and killed by humans for fun.  You know, like on a hunt for pleasure.  Anyhow, check out the video right after the break and you’ll see why I mean UA’s training video could have come out of this video.

Stupid Theory Tries To Claim Terracotta Army Was Inspired By Greece

Recently, there is this stupid theory tries to claim Terracotta Army that guards Chinese first emperor’s afterlife got inspiration from Greece.  Even now I think it’s really a lame theory, border beyond jokes.  Whoever repeats this theory in my eyes is the stupidest person on earth.  You know the chance for the right person with the right knowledge to transfer such inspiration from the far flung West to far flung East — in the ancient time in which traveling from one neighboring country to another was so difficult — is slim to nil.  Even the Romans themselves much later couldn’t even meet up with the Chinese.  Yet here we have a stupidest theory on earth, with no evidence whatsoever, suggests that an ancient person from Greece traveled to China to spread an art form in which inspired the Terracotta Army.  As if it’s a blaspheme for another region on earth to create beautiful art, because there should be none other than the West that could come up with such an art form.  Furthermore, how stupid can you be to not see that replicating a real life size figure is not that hard.  After all, you got a real soldier in real armor and weapons in detail, how hard is it to not be able to replicate such figure into art form such as life size figurine creation?  If Greece was the inspiration, why Greece didn’t have the Terracotta Army themselves?  When you look at Greece’s ancient sculptures, these figures got naked bodies and such — emphasizing masculinity.  When I look at Terracotta Army figures, I see soldiers in ancient Chinese uniforms with Asian characteristics, and these figures don’t look like the Greece’s ancient sculptures at all.  I guess the people who suggest the theory I’m bashing of are the people who are too stupid to even imagine that another human being could come up with similar art form.  Enough rant, because even I feel stupider for trying to defend the truth from such an idiotic theory.  Check out the video right after the break if you brave enough to get a dosage of stupidness.

Awesome Magicians Yif and Cyril

In my opinion, so called magicians are the people who have done extreme preparations to achieve amazing results that would make people’s eyes, minds, and other senses go berserk in childish ways such as “Wow, how did you do that?” — their eyes would want to pop out of their sockets to show how much they adore at the magician’s trick and hope that the magician would reveal how the trick was done.  On camera or in real person, either way these tricks are amazing to say the least, because you cannot use your common sense to explain how the tricks were done unless you’re already know how to do them in the first place.  Magicians make their tricks look effortlessly real too!

At the moment, I like 2 magicians very much and these are Yif and Cyril.  Check out their videos right after the break and be wow.