Lars Andersen Splits Inflight Arrow With His Own, What A Bow Master!

Some people may think Lars Andersen is just a trick shooter of bow and not an archery master, because they think giving enough practice of specific tricks anyone could become a trick shooter without the real archery skill.  I highly question these people’s arrogance and stupidity.  Why?  I guess they must have thought that all archery masters with real skill don’t really need to practice.  Whether Lars Andersen is a trick shooter of a bow or not, in my opinion he has enough practice to do amazing speed shooting of bow and arrows.  As the real archery masters once were in ancient time, I think Lars Andersen is an archery master in his own way.  Of course, in our modern time, we don’t use bow for wartime anymore, but how do we know archery masters of the pasts didn’t use speed shooting tricks to accomplish a specific goal?  In the video right after the break, Lars Andersen splits inflight arrow with his own arrow.  Such a precise trick is a real archery skill in my opinion.

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