Massive Explosion Looks Like Nuclear Detonation Captured By A Cell Phone In Donetsk, Ukraine

We’re living in the age where cameras are everywhere.  Camera on cell phones, camera on drones, and camera here and there.  These cameras are not technically only a camera, because these cameras can become camcorders in a touch or a push of a finger.  With this in mind, it’s not so surprisingly to us all that nowadays we’re seeing citizens can actually be on scene much faster than so called news reporters.  Cameras turn the people who are living in the war zones into citizen reporters so readily and easily, because these people can just upload their videos onto YouTube and relative Internet video services at any time.  One good example of how cameras turn citizens into reporters in war zones is the video right after the break.  If I’m not wrong, just recently someone was using his or her cell phone to record the massive explosion that gave off a shockwave for miles away in Donetsk region of Ukraine.  The appearance of the massive explosion and massive shockwave with a mushroom cloud had the appearance of nuclear weapon was detonated, but there are reports that argue this massive explosion did not give off the nuclear reactions.  This means the video isn’t showing a nuclear detonation but just a massive explosion in Donetsk.  As I’m writing this, Ukraine is still experiencing an intensifying war.  Let’s hope Ukraine will experience peace sooner than later, because in any war people die.

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