A Moment of Exaggeration

Just another few quick lines that I wrote as poetry.  Enjoy!!!

  • I’d turn back time
  • Just so I’d be a king
  • I’d make you my queen
  • We’d rule the lost Atlantis
  • When we bored we’d ride a dragon
  • Traveling to all corners of the earth
  • When we got happy the whole castle would light up
  • Folks danced to the tune of our song
  • The night owls sang all night long
  • The moon would only shine on the king and queen
  • The night danced away until dawn
  • I’d fast forward in time
  • Just so I could put on an astronaut suit
  • Just so you could put on one too
  • We’d visit Mars
  • That they said men are from Mars
  • We’d visit Venus
  • That they said women are from Venus
  • In Mars you’d scold the God of War
  • He shall not make wars on our home planet
  • In Venus I discovered the true you
  • Hand in hand, we’d add a star in the night sky
  • I’d stop time
  • To contemplate on us
  • To savor every moment we’d share
  • Holding you tight forever
  • Resting my head on your angelic bossoms
  • Feeling your warmth that had seeped into my heart
  • A moment that would last longer than eternity
  • A moment that nothing in this world could describe
  • I’d cry and you’d wipe my sadness away
  • You’d laugh and I’d be delighted
  • A moment of exaggeration…

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