Just A Wild Thought: Electronic Magazine With Bendable Electronic Pages

English: Covers of backissues of ARMOR magazine

Image via Wikipedia

I have heard some tech companies are working on making bendable electronic devices that are super thin and wide.  If they are able to produce something like that which can be resemblant to a piece of paper, imagining the wide applications this technology can bring about.  Here is one I think of, but I’m not sure how hot or even cool it will be.  We know how old magazines work, right?  You flip it, flip it again, and flip it some more till you flip to the very end of a magazine.  Well, won’t it be cool if you buy an electronic magazine once, and the magazine company has to try to figure out how to fill those electronic magazine pages with their contents.  If this idea/technology ever makes debut, I wonder will you and I will be flipping electronic magazine pages with joy?  Of course, the whole idea is to allow magazine companies to update their magazine contents wirelessly and periodically without your interventions.  It’s obviously that you have to subscribe to a magazine company for your electronic magazine to work.  In fact, one electronic magazine should be able to display contents from multiple magazine companies that you have subscribed to.  Just a thought really — this technology might never happen!

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