This Year Wackiest Thing To Do! Some Scientists Created Avian Flu Which Could Spread From Mammal To Mammal!


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This year wackiest thing to do!  According to Arstechnica‘s article “US Government tries to restrict publication of details on avian flu virus that spreads among mammals,” some scientists under the authority of whichever government had created a strain of dangerous virus, Avian flu, which could be spread through air from mammal to mammal.  As from what I had read and understood, it seemed that these scientists wanted to be more prepare in combatting against a futuristic pandemic flu (i.e., might kill billions of people) by creating something like it in the first place so they would be able to learn how such a killer virus would happen in nature.  United States government specifically thinks it’s too dangerous to release such information into the public in fearing someone out there would intend to terrorize the world by putting such knowledge into practice.  I have to say duh!  Duh as in why creating something this dangerous and releasing the knowledge of its existence to the world?

Now, I’m fearing that some bad guys will try to gain the knowhow of creating something similar to Avian flu at all costs.  Perhaps, they just need enough information to reverse engineer such knowledge and might come up with something much worse?  After all, now these bad guys know it’s achievable in creating something this dangerous.  The whole mess so reminds me of a documentary, Apocalypse How, directed by Ted Poole.  Apocalypse How warns us that humankind might destroy itself or at least might kill billions of people by having create a dangerous virus in a lab somewhere which could spread to billions of people so fast that there would be little time to come up with a vacine to stop it.  Apparently, Apocalypse How isn’t too farfetched on its prophetic warning, and this only fuels the belief of 2012 and have more people scare.  Of course, documentary Apocalypse How isn’t mentioning such virus would occur in 2012, but I’m just saying…  This knowledge gotta be locked away forever from the bad guys!  Let hope it will be so!  Also, let hope the bad guys aren’t smart enough to come up with their own version!  I so do wish that these scientists also know how to create a cure for their dangerous mammal spreading strain of Avian flu.

{Which humankind ultimate weapon is wackier, nuclear or a pandemic virus?}


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