Feeling generous?  In the spirit of exploration and being a generous self, I myself has allowed other organizations with larger than life goals to utilize my computer in their computations.  The best part is that nobody comes to my house and unplugs my computer so they can borrow it.  It is to be done remotely and securely, and I think the latter part is pretty true, too.

What I’m talking about is a software known as BOINC that you can download at  By using BOINC, you can add several projects from different organizations, and these projects automatically request resources from your computer such as using your CPU/GPU processing power.  Install it once and forget it is how I describe BOINC.  Unless you feel ungenerous sometimes, you can always stop BOINC from running at your leisure.

I’m interest in most is the project known as SETI.  SETI stands for Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.  Some humans like to believe the only intelligence in the whole universe would be humans.  I beg the difference!  The universe is too large for us humans to arrogantly think a frog under a well could know everything, and yet the frog has never bothered to leave the well for any exploration.  The project SETI is appealing to me, because the universe is so large and so unexplored — but if SETI, the obscurity, can somehow determine there are other intelligence beings out there, everything we know it will change and may make us humans more humble.  I fear the latter part may never have a lasting effect since human nature tends to be arrogant!

SETI is only one project among countless others that use BOINC to compute.  I’m sure you can find a project that is more fit to your taste and dream and beliefs through BOINC.

BOINC can also utilize your computer’s GPU to process even faster.  According to here, the computing power of GPU has increasing so fast that it’s now can compute even faster than CPU (computer’s main processor).  Not all GPUs will be able to use BOINC, and so only certain GPUs can use BOINC to speed up the computational process.  Still, from the look at here, I figure many modern GPUs are capable of using BOINC to compute.

I think BOINC is definitely a good thing for me, because I hate to leave my computer on standby and waste power for nothing.  Obviously, I can turn my computer off, but my forgetful nature often neglects to turn my computer off.  Since it’s a desktop, I also hesitate to let it go to sleep or turn itself off on schedule.  Maybe I’m just refusing to see my computer turns off subconsciously.  Who know?  Fortunately, by allowing BOINC to use my computer resource for a larger than life goal, I feel it’s somewhat cool — like under a shade in a heated sun, getting the best parts of both world, enjoying the hot dry day but still resting under a shade, but it’s now winter where I’m from.  So try BOINC!

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