Revisiting An Old Theme, Once Again, Do We Need Another Browser? RockMelt Thinks We Do!

Albeit, many people think browsers are not that important anymore since there are so many of them out there.  The Internet has enabled a confusing maze of new ways where getting hook up with information is the norm.  Don’t be surprise when you chat with a friend, a coworker, and the people you know about a favorite TV show, but they’re not necessary watching the same TV show on a same platform as you.  Your friends may watch their moving pictures on smart phones.  3D 52 inches TV is your preference, and so you often get your fix through a specific set-top box that is hooking to your big screen TV.  Your dad in California gets his fix on his laptop as he traveled there just last week.  Your sister is so busy that she has never had a chance to sit down and watch a TV show, but she records her favorite TV shows using recording feature on her specific set-top box so she could watch whenever she really has the time.  Playing games aren’t the same anymore, as you and I can just jump on various platforms to have our fixes.  We don’t need a game console to play video games unless we really want a game console just for the sake of having one since we can play video games on iPad, iPhone, various smart phones, laptop, computer, and so on.  Writing and calculating and recording don’t require Microsoft Office software that is installing onto your desktop anymore, you can get these fixes with just a browser using Google Docs — unless you just prefers Open Office where it’s free for downloading and installing onto your desktop.

With so many new things and so many ways to do things nowadays that anyone who is not from this world can get lost and nobody would feel sorry for such a being, so why companies are still coming out with new browsers?  To put that in another way, browsers are everywhere, why should we care that there is a brand new browser (i.e., another brand of browser)?  I think browsing the Internet is still the most appealing thing for me.  I don’t know about you, but the feeling of having the freedom of zigzagging throughout the world at the fingertips are just amazing.  Especially, social networks such as Facebook has increasing the fun for fingertips and the mind since its creation.  Browsers on smart phones are allowing people to have the freedom of connecting throughout the world conveniently and on the go.  Browsers are not as important as when browsers were first created in a sense that browsers aren’t young and youthful and new and eyeopening kind of stuffs, but browsers’ functionality has never waned since the freedom of accessing information from all over the world in seconds is the stuff of stuffs that cannot be outdone for decades to come unless I’m so wrong about it.

Yes, it’s true that it’s not the browsers but the Internet itself allows us to zigzagging the world in seconds beyond borders of countries and human cultures if you’re so insisting on the technicalities at the core of everything.  It’s the data that go through pipes of IP and traverse through backbone networks such as ISPs and so on that allow us the freedom of accessing information without borders.  For instance, increasingly we have seen everything is pushing through the IP such as Television.  Still, browsers are something that we can interact with so intimately, more so than on demand programs and applications all over the places.  In that, I have to say browsers aren’t going away for decades to come unless I’m so wrong of it.  New browsers such as RockMelt are bagging on the longevity of the nature of browsers as these come out with bravado, full of newer features and promises and unique capabilities and bold declarations such as making a browser more social.

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