Installing And Securing Ubuntu 9.10 Inside Virtualbox On Host Windows 7

Some people have only one computer or one laptop, but they want to try out a new operating system without overwriting the current one, is that even possible?  Yes, there are many ways to tackle this challenge, but there is an easy way and a hard way.  A hard way is not actually that hard, but it’s a little harder since you have to get your hand dirty with creating new partitions for installing additional operating systems.  The easy way is what I’m going to talk about in this blog post is which to use a virtual machine for installing a new operating system.

What’s a virtual machine?  It’s a virtual partition within a real partition (i.e., a hard drive) that a software such as VMWare and Virtualbox and others create on your computer’s hard drive, and this virtual partition (or many more) can act as a virtual space for your new operating system.  When you fire it up, your virtual machine is going to act like it’s a real machine, although you will notice the performance will degrade somewhat if you have a slow computer.  Why this is the easier way and a recommended way for you to take when installing a new operating system?  It’s because you don’t have to commit to a new operating system yet since you are in an experimentation mode; you want to use the operating system within virtual machine for educational purpose; you want to delete the operating system and the virtual machine within hours of creating it; and there are many other usages you could think up for virtual machine.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about one particular virtual machine software which is Virtualbox,  one particular guest operating system which is Ubuntu 9.10, and one particular host operating system which is Windows 7.   Actually, it’s better for you to watch the video that I uploaded to Veoh after the jump.  Unfortunately, there is one problem with using Veoh is that you have to download a Veoh player and install it onto your computer before you can watch anything that is over 5 minutes long or so.  The tutorial video that I made is way longer than 5 minutes, and so if you want to waste some 37 good minutes of your life, want to know how to installing Virtualbox, installing Ubuntu 9.10 in Virtualbox, how to secure Ubuntu 9.10, and how to do all of that on Windows 7, go ahead and watch the video.

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