Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Horse Grazing

While driving, I saw a horse was grazing, and so I took couple snapshots with iPhone 4.  For your information, I did not trespass the owner’s property at all, because I stood outside the fence.  Anyhow, I had witnessed a great opportune in which the sky and the air were misty, allowing the day to retain its early morning wake even though time had passed 10 AM, and so I thought it would be so nice to take couple snapshots of a horse, without a care in the world, grazed away in the misty air.  With the snapshots in hand, I was able to retouch them with Lightroom 4.  Check out the original and the retouched photos of a beautiful horse that grazed peacefully, quietly, and gracefully.

The images above were taken and created by Vinh Nguyen.  You can reuse the images for all purposes, but you have to credit Vinh Nguyen for the images.  The images above contain the traditional copyright license which credits to Vinh Nguyen only, therefore you cannot redistribute the images above under creative common licenses.

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