Love Warcraft Movie, Here is WoW Intro To Latest WoW Game

I watched Warcraft movie and loved it.  Since I went to Regal, they gave me a free 30 days gameplay of WoW, and so I tried it out.  It’s not really like I’m trying out WoW, because I’d played the game before.  This time though, I’m still so over WoW, and so I couldn’t even play the game for more than few minutes.  I hate the grinding part.  Anyhow, since I know what is WoW, and so I love the movie.  To tell the truth, the movie is quite good.  Love the CGI effects.  The acting is not bad either.  The story is expected to be WoW, and so I have no complaint about the plot.  By the way, this is the intro to the latest WoW iteration, and so you might want to check it out even though you may not even want to play the game.  The intro is quite good, and it reminds me of the movie.  Perhaps, this intro is what happening after the movie.

TERA Rising Introduction And Gameplay

Since World of Warcraft, plethora of MMORPG games had came out and tried to mimic WoW success.  Some made it and others failed terribly.  Nonetheless, the “MMORPG” game genre became something more when WoW was first made known.  Since the time I had quit played WoW, I bet there have been many good MMORPGs that got made.  Nonetheless, I got tired of the MMORPG genre, and I bet some people too had also got bored of this type of games.  Lately though, I had the itch for MMORPG again.  Recently, I’ve been playing The Secret World, but this doesn’t stop me from glancing around for just another MMORPG.  Out of the blue, I’d read an article on my mobile phone, and it mentioned TERA Rising.  Don’t ask me what article I’d read of, because now I can’t recall even the article’s title or who had wrote it or which organization the article belonged to.  Anyhow, I went and downloaded TERA Rising and tried it out.  The video right after the break is the result of me trying out TERA Rising.  For your information, TERA Rising is a free to play game.

A Quick Touch On Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guild Wars 2 feels great!  Guild Wars 2 is the continuation of the last Guild Wars expansion, Eye of the North, but everyone is saying Guild Wars 2 isn’t the same game as the original Guild Wars.  According to Wikipedia, Guild Wars 2 has better graphic and simpler Magic-style skill system than the original Guild Wars.  For me, I had played original Guild Wars a long long time ago, and I forgot everything about it.  Now, I don’t even remember how the story of the original Guild Wars, not the expansions, was unfolded.  Although I can’t really rely on my memory to compare the original Guild Wars with Guild Wars 2, I have to say Guild Wars 2 is rather fresh.  It’s unlike many other MMORPG games I have played and remembered.

How Guild Wars 2 is better than other MMORPG games?  First, it’s brand new!  Yes, new means fresh, therefore it’s better as you get to play something new, right?  Second, you don’t pay monthly fee (i.e., just buy the game) for playing Guild Wars 2, but this isn’t the case with many other MMORPG games.  Third, the game play of Guild Wars 2 is unique, allowing MMORPG gamers to not feel as if it’s just another World of Warcraft.  How unique?  It’s unique from the start, from the time you create your character.  As you create your character, you get to choose how your character preset-beginning gets to be by answering couple multiple choices, sort of fill in the blank questions.  Entering Guild Wars 2 world, you don’t quest like how you play other MMORPG games, instead of questing you can just play out your character’s story line (as if you’re playing RPG and not MMORPG games).  Somewhat familiar and yet not to other MMORPG games, besides story line game mode, you can join PVP or World vs World battles.  Although you can progress through the game with one of those three activities, the whole game does feel connected.  You don’t feel like you are playing a totally different game when you move from character’s story line game mode to PVP and so on.  Fourth, Guild Wars 2 is really fun!

It seems that Guild Wars 2 allows you to play level 80, highest cap level for a character, right away in PVP and World vs World.  I think you can just join PvP or World vs World right after the tutorial (i.e., right after the creation of a fresh character), and so this means you can just create new character and join PvP or World vs World without needing to level up your fresh character.  When join PvP or World vs World, you get to use preset skills and attributes and so on of a level 80 character, but you can change the preset to your liking, I think.  Anyhow, World vs World is rather interesting as each World vs World map may support up to 500 players in total that split across three worlds.  Basically, according to Guild Wars 2 wiki, World vs World game play is an alternative to PvP (i.e., player vs player), because you don’t have to be pressured into contribute much as you just join and help the world out whenever you can.  In World vs World, you don’t even need to know who you are fighting with, because you join a massive battle that starts without your presence from the beginning.  Once you join a World vs World battle, all you have to do is to help the World that you are part of to capture objectives.  According to Guild Wars 2 wiki, World vs World battle usually lasts about 2 weeks.  Once again, I don’t see this kind of awesome PvP with PvE mix-in type of game play from any MMORPG I had ever played.  Great job Guild Wars 2!

Besides World vs World type of PvP, Guild Wars 2 allows you to play structured PvP.  I guess you can imagine structured PvP as usual PvP game play that you get to experience with other MMORPG games.  Anyhow, the rewards that you earn in structured PvP won’t count toward your PvE game play, therefore structured PvP is sort of doing something else entirely.  For your information, rewards such as experience you earn in World vs World do count toward PvE game play.

According to Guild Wars 2 wiki, you get to play five different races in Guild Wars 2.  These races are asura, charr, human, norn and sylvari.  Each race gets to choose whatever profession, because all professions are available to all races.  Each race can only choose one profession, and once a profession was chosen, it cannot be changed.  A profession would dictate the personality and the ability of your character.  For an example, I play a human ranger, and ranger is the profession of my human character (i.e., race).  I can’t speak for other races yet since I don’t yet play those races other than human.  Anyhow, human ranger gets to accompany by three pets (drake, bear, and stalker), but only one pet at a time can be used in battle.  You might be accompanied by different pets if you play a ranger with different races.  Anyhow, so far my ranger is pretty fun as I equip her with awesome long bow.  At level 7, my ranger got the ability to switch sets of weapons.  This way, I can allow my ranger to switch to sword and off hand weapon in a close combat situation and then switch back to long bow when she fights an enemy from afar.  For your information, a ranger gets to wear medium armor.  Other than ranger, you can also choose professions of guardian, warrior, engineer, thief, elementalist, mesmer, or necromancer.  Each is uniquely played.

I can’t talk about crafting yet since I have yet to know much about crafting in Guild Wars 2.  I’ve only played the game for a day as Guild Wars 2 had only released couple days ago.  Actually, Guild Wars 2 was released on August 28 of 2012.

So far, buying gears in Guild Wars 2 isn’t that different from most MMORPG games, but Guild Wars 2 does allow you to pick up various objects in the environment to use as weapons.  Once done with such objects, you can just do away with such objects by dropping it onto the ground.  In PvP, you can talk to PvP vendors to browse and buy PvP gears.  In World vs World, you can talk to World vs World vendors to browse and buy some gears.  I’m not sure World vs World gears are unique, because I did purchase a regular PvE weapon in World vs World map.

In conclusion, I think Guild Wars 2 is rather fresh and fun.  I didn’t get bore after three hours of playing when I first started explore the game.  Not that many games such as Guild Wars 2 could actually make me felt good after logging off.  I guess, I got tired of MMORPG games that mimic World of Warcraft game play and structure.  Thanks to Guild Wars 2, I think MMORPG is now interesting again.  Guild Wars 2 brings fresh game play and structure and its unique World vs World PvP environment to allow us gamers to enjoy something different than just another MMORPG which mimics World of Warcraft.  I like it!!!  (You may want to check back this blog post as I may go about posting a Guild Wars 2 game play video.)

Update:  OK, I got one Guild Wars 2 game play video up.  You can check it out with this link here.


World of Warcraft New Expansion Cinematic Trailer: Mists of Pandaria

According to TechRadar, rumors have that Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard are looking for possible buyers.  In the midst of these rumors, Activision Blizzard will release the new expansion of World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria, on September 25 of 2012.  The previous expansion of World of Warcraft was Cataclysm.  Anyhow, today I watched the cinematic trailer of the Mists of Pandaria and loved it.  I guess you could say Blizzard brings kung fu to WoW?  Anyhow, you can watch the cinematic trailer of Mists of Pandaria right after the break for some panda kung fu action.  Enjoy!!!


Star Wars: The Old Republic Opening Short Film (Video Game)

BioWare and LucasArts Do Cosplay for Star Wars...

Image by Colony of Gamers via Flickr

Skyrim is nice, and I’m still not even halfway through the main story, and yet Star Wars: The Old Republic is now out.  I can’t really comment on Star Wars: The Old Republic yet, because I haven’t got it.  Planning on getting it though!  Nonetheless, check out its awesome opening short film.

The computer graphic for Star Wars: The Old Republic opening short film is well done, and the acting of the computer graphic generated characters is nice. I like it.  Let just hope the game will be very good too when I finally get my hands on it.  This Christmas maybe?  I’m giggling inside.

Allods Online Is Comparable To WoW But Free

After my abandonment of World of Warcraft for quite sometime now, I’d decidedly it was time to get back into MMORPG scene.  Of course, not the scene of WoW again, because it was clearly I’d gotten tired of WoW.  So what?  I found Allods Online for my entertainment, and I’d to admit that it was not a bad experience.

Allods Online is a free MMORPG 3D fantasy game which has many similarities with WoW.  It was developed by Astrum Nival of Russia, and it had $12 million budget.  The similarities with WoW aren’t meant that the stories and the characters and other contents are the same, but I think the similarities between Allods Online and WoW have to be about the gameplay.

Allods Online does have beautiful graphic.  Comparing the graphic of Allods Online versus WoW, I’ve to say both games are comparable in this aspect.  In the scale of 10 and 10 as the best and 1 as the worst, I give Allods Online’s graphic a 7 out of 10.

I notice the lag within the game even though I’m using one of those super fast Internet connection.  This can reduce game experience in my part.  Perhaps, my location is too far from Allods Online’s game servers.  When game servers are too busy, lag can occur and so this can also be the reason for the lag within Allods Online.

The best feature Allods Online has against WoW is that it’s free to play!  Obviously, there are in game items that you can buy to enhance the gameplay of Allods Online, but I hear that it’s not something that you can’t acquire by doing quests.  To put that in another way, it will take much more effort on your part to quest for certain things or acquire them somehow through gameplay than buying outright the things you need with real money.

In conclusion, I don’t see why people have to pay for WoW when Allods Online is free.  Albeit WoW does seem to be superior in a sense that it has larger community of gamers.  Nonetheless, I think Allods Online will eventually acquire a larger community of gamers soon.  Few drawbacks for Allods Online are notable such as lag and no auto attack game mechanic.  Luckily, those drawbacks do not hamper the gameplay to the point of displeasure, instead Allods Online is a game with beautiful graphic and plentiful in quests and contents.