Let Create Windows 8 Image So You Can Refresh Your Windows 8 System And Recover Files, Software, Personal Data, Settings, And Windows 8 System Files

Watch the video above, and I’ll walk you through how to create a Windows 8 image.  Basically, what Windows 8 image does is to allow you to restore your Windows 8 system back to the time that you had created the image for Windows 8.  So, let say couple months after you had created Windows 8 image your Windows 8 system acts abnormally, you can just do a Refresh (a recovery feature within Windows 8) with the Windows 8 image and your Windows 8 system should be back to how it was when you started to create the Windows 8 image.  This means your Windows 8 file systems, personal data, software that came with Windows 8 and software that you installed from various sources, and the settings of Windows 8 will all be restored.  Just remember though, before you do a refresh, you might want to backup your abnormal Windows 8 system so you can actually restore the files and software that you had created/installed right after the creation of the Windows 8 image.  Anyhow, enjoy the video!!!