Unreal Engine Virtual Reality

Check out virtual reality environment which relies on Unreal Engine.  Enjoy!!!

Thought Of The Day (06 – 24 – 2014): Movies Of The Future

Should the movies of the future be like video games?  Imagine, a movie can have hundreds of endings, and each ending depends on the moviegoer’s choices.  Of course, if it’s a theater kind of thing, then this might require a moviegoer to wear a virtual reality glasses or something so each moviegoer has his or her own unique movie experience.  Just imagine the possibilities, because a movie like this will completely change how a moviegoer experiences the movie.  Of course, a movie like this can include all sorts of CGI and user interactions at appropriate time so to not prevent an immersive and smooth movie experience.  Nonetheless, a movie like this must allow a moviegoer to be able to execute choices at appropriate and designated time so the actors (real human actors) within the screen can then response with the right actions.  Perhaps, a movie like this can be watched over multiple times, and each time exults a different movie experience.  As if a person has an amnesia, and each time he or she watches this kind of movies, he or she experiences as if he or she watches a brand new movie.

Atlas Brings Virtual Reality Cheaply To Gamers

U.S. Navy personnel using a VR parachute trainer

U.S. Navy personnel using a VR parachute trainer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Atlas is the new video gaming system (using Oculus Rift gaming headset) which brings the virtual reality world to the common gamers.  The technology had been existed for some time.  Nonetheless, before Atlas’ existence, experiencing awesome virtual reality required one to visit a location that rigged with stationary virtual reality equipments, and these virtual reality equipments had not come cheap at all.  Now, Atlas boasts that it can bring the awesomeness of virtual reality to a common gamer like me at an itty-bitty fraction of the cost of the traditional virtual reality equipments.  The Atlas app would be on your smartphone too.

So, with Atlas, you get to walk around in the virtual reality world as if you’re in a real environment.  Experiencing games in a virtual reality world would be awesome indeed.  Nonetheless, just like Xbox’s Kinect, one has to be physical when interacting with the game environment, therefore the whole process can be rather strenuous to the gamers.  A good workout I guess!  Furthermore, what if a game in the virtual reality world requires you to physically run really fast, will you do that and hurt yourself in a real world?

On a fun note, a lazy person like me like to come up with lazy idea as usual.  Imagining this, sitting in a virtual reality world playing another video game inside it.  Perhaps, this way you don’t really to have to physically do anything to hurt yourself in the real world.  Or not?  Check out the video right after the break to get to know more about Atlas.


Walking With A Real Life Holographic Girlfriend Would Be Best, But This Technology Is Not Yet Possible. For Now, A Japanese Man Rather Takes A Stroll In The Park With His Virtual Augment Reality Girlfriend.

Imagine one day you can actually take a walk in the park with a girlfriend who only appears next to you in a holographic form, but people who take a glance at you both won’t notice that the girlfriend’s appearance is only of a hologram.  Nonetheless, the girlfriend is real but she just projects herself in a holographic form so she can be with you even though she is miles away from your physical location.  Will it be cool?  Sure, but will we be able to accomplish something like that in the future?  Probably, but we won’t know unless the future is already here, right?

Anyhow, for now, I guess it’s fun and challenging enough just to walk in the park with a fake girlfriend whose form is of augment reality.  Obviously, augment reality will not allow normal people to see the same thing as you, because they too have to wear such augment reality gadgets and even then their augment realities may not be the same as yours.  Now, I think having fun with your augment reality girlfriend is fun and naughty, but don’t go overboard or else you may live in your fantasy forever and won’t be able to make it back to the reality.  Check out the video right after the break to see a man who takes a walk in the park with his virtual augment reality girlfriend.  Enjoy!!!

Source:  http://www.theverge.com/2012/7/9/3146248/hitsune-miku-virtual-girlfriend-augmented-reality

Microsoft Researches On Bringing About Augmented Reality To Life With Kinect

Virtual reality uses multimedia content. Appli...

Image via Wikipedia

Few movies had been made to tackle the idea of blending virtuality with reality in away that gamers could not discern the differences between reality and otherwise.  Of course, I don’t think Microsoft is anywhere near in engineering such a feat, but I think they’re definitely onto something close to that.  Perhaps, I’m wrong about how close or how far Microsoft’s research department has progressed toward such a goal.  Still, it doesn’t matter, because the more they try, I guess it’s safely to assume that the more awesome there might be for such possibilities (i.e., technology) to come about and bring a host of benefits not only to gaming industry but to other industries as well.  I think medical industry might reap great benefits from this kind of futuristic technology.

Microsoft goes far by implementing a technology which partly uses Kinect to either permanently or temporarily blend the augmented reality and virtuality onto physical coordinates.  The projections of the augmented reality and virtuality can be applied on any surface.  Microsoft’s research department were even able to projected augmented virtuality and virtuality onto a hand of a human.  I’ve hinted before that this kind of technology might lead us to something much more awesome, but nobody knows for sure what that will be yet.  What I can imagine is that by combining holographic technology and what Microsoft is working on now (i.e., the technology we’re talking about in this article) into the same environment can be even more dazzling.

I had written an article “Imagining The TV Of The Future, Don’t Laugh!” — this article proposes on why TV of the future might be very different in a way that users might be able to change the reality of the ongoing scenes inside the TV.  The article also suggests how users might be able to project movie scenes into reality with no consequences whatsoever since the projections are digital and nothing more.  The article also suggests the injections of either a personal avatar or oneself into the movie scenes as if virtual reality or augmented reality is happening.  Perhaps, the article’s suggestions aren’t so outright nut, because Microsoft’s research department is doing something just as awesome!

Source:  http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2011/11/real-life-holodecks-microsoft-kinect-augmented-reality-room-is-the-closest-thing-yet/