Youtube Makes Bold Statement Steathily By Releasing HTML5 Enabled Mobile Version

You know there are gazillion of applications in Apple’s App Store, some are free, and many are not!  So many applications that are readily to be downloaded at anytime at a cost of whatever, it’s truly an addictive hobby for most, and mobile makers are truly encouraging this behavior.  Obviously, Goolge’s Android smart phone users have their kind of App Store, gazillion of Apps are ready for them too!

App developers are happy, because if Apple rejects their Apps, they can always switch to Android base smart phones.  Things are about to change, and Google is leading the game.  Google is releasing a mobile version of YouTube that is as compatible as it gets with HTML5.  Why is this a game changing factor?  No mobile users ever need to use a native application to play YouTube videos ever again, because many mobile browsers are or will be compatible to HTML5.

The need to download a special App to play YouTube video is no longer necessary.  And you ask, why is this a game changer, again?  Well, Google is saying that to all mobile users (especially to iPhone users) that HTML5 is king, not only YouTube videos are conformed with HTML5, many future applications are probably will be so!  With that subtle statement, do we need anymore clarity?  No, not really, because Applications that are so popular now on smart phones such as iPhone will become outdated — they only need a browser to play all applications, and forget about those boring downloading moments!

The abandonment of the Apps attitude reminds me about Google’s Chrome Operating System concept!  Maybe, indeed we don’t really need complicated things under our immediate hood, because through the cloud, Google has a well maintained machine that churns everything for us all!  Check out YouTube’s HTML5 enabled mobile website at

Source: YouTube Launches HTML5 Mobile Website