Black Desert Online Gameplay Episode 2 – Leveling Maehwa Class – 4K Resolution

Just another episode of my gameplay for BDO in 4K resolution.  Enjoy!

The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay – Episode 50 – Leveling Warden Class (4K Resolution)

Just another episode of my gameplay for ESO in 4K resolution.  Recently, ESO just got a Morrowind Expansion, and this expansion allows one new class known as Warden.  In this episode I’m trying to level up a Warden.  I’m new to this class, and so basically I’m clueless of how to play it.  Nonetheless, check it out in the video.

Be The Best You Can Be As A Gamer, As Yourself In Any Video Game!

Wouldn’t it be cool to play any game that got your face as the main protagonist or antagonist?  For an example, playing GTA V as Michael but Michael with a face that looks like you.  I think video games should allow you to do something like this naturally for immersion purpose.  Anyway, it’s still easier to say than do, but I think we are getting closer to this dream as Uraniom, a company which is behind this technology, is probably trying hard to make this possibility comes true.  You don’t have to believe me, because you can check out the videos right after the break to see this possibility is indeed quite true, if not now then it will be soon, I think.