Sold Out Next Gen Gaming Consoles Let Me Found My Sanity Again

I’m a fan of gaming, not of a specific gaming platform!  Furthermore, I’m a sort of gaming fans that require the graphics to be as best as graphics can be.  This means, I expect of nothing less than the next stellar gaming graphics, and I want the next latest games to have better graphics than the last games.  Sure, the plots, gameplay, character empathy, in-game rewarding system, and other major features that many good games should have are all very important, but without good graphics and great arts such games would be mediocre to me.  Of course, you can argue that should the gameplay matter most?  How about a game plot should shine most?  Of course, there will be some addictive elements that will stand out most for a good game, but my preference for a good game is usually graphics first… there will be some exceptions though but those occasions are rare and so it’s safe to say I want great gaming graphics, always.

It’s no surprise that for the reason of great gaming graphics alone that I only see myself playing more of PC games (fyi… even with PS4 and Xbox One, games on these consoles won’t be able to match the great gaming graphics experience with games on PCs that have mid-range to high end graphic cards).  I have had PS3 and Xbox 360 for years, but I’ve rarely touched them.  Safely to say, I had not touched my PS3 and Xbox 360 for months.  Instead of playing games on consoles, I found myself login to Steam, Uplay, and Origin on a daily basis.  Furthermore, Steam has been the gaming platform where I giddily scour for great games on sale, on an alarming, addictive, frequent basis.  Such a behavior has contributed to my spending money on PC games that I may not have time to play at all since finishing a single game is already a time consuming act.  Nonetheless, I’ve to say that I don’t think I will be able to own so many games if I buy games for consoles since the games for consoles don’t easily go on sale.  Also, games for consoles don’t go on sale as frequent as Steam!

Although I’m not exactly a hardcore gamer, but I do play games a lot, therefore I thought the arrivals of the next generation gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One would surely have me running for becoming the first fews to get ’em kind of things.  I usually loved it when I got it right, but this time I felt bad as I saw myself walked into Best Buy and asked if they got PS4 or Xbox One available (even though I’m a PC gamer).  To my relief and anguish at the same time as I swallowed the words “sold out” as the  Best Buy representative proudly let out.  I found a relief in this as I knew I only drooled over PS4 and Xbox One for their novelty, but whenever I got over the novelty of ’em all I probably would not hesitate to allow the consoles to be untouched, unloved and covered in dusts — wasting little money I have had away.  The anguish feeling I found in all of this confirmed that I was too just loving to be materialistic for new toys.  Nonetheless, I have to say thanks to the sold out problem that the new consoles are experiencing, I probably will stay away from ’em next generation consoles for a long long time, because after-all I’m a PC gamer.  Without being able to get my hands on the next generation gaming consoles at a whim of my desires, I found my sanity again!  Perhaps?

Desires and temptations are the fruits of all evils, but I’m only a mortal!  Let’s get the game on!!!

Microsoft Revealed Xbox One

English: A black "Elite" Xbox 360 co...

English: A black “Elite” Xbox 360 console by Microsoft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Microsoft announced the new Xbox console as Xbox One.  I think Xbox One will definitely be a worthy adversary to PS4.  Now, after seeing some details of Xbox One, I can’t wait to see what PS4 will bring to the game.  Xbox One and Ps4 will definitely give more life to the console market.  How come?  What people forget is that consoles, although have became the computers, are not providing the experience that the computers are providing.  How come?  Consoles are cheaper than most computers, and they are there to provide a complete experience; unique experience that comes in a single package.  Computers can do the same, but computers are more expensive.  Computers give more freedom to users when it comes down to choose what sort experience the users want to have, but it does require the users to think for themselves.  For an example, users can use computers for entertainment and work, or they can combine all experiences into one, but these customization of experiences require users to make choices and sometimes build the machines themselves.  Console on the other hand is uniquely made to provide a unique experience.  This is why I think people will go on to show support for consoles even though the line between consoles and computers is getting more blur each day.  Anyhow, check out the Xbox One in details by watching the playlist of the Xbox One videos right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Kinect Removes The Controllers, Allowing You To Interact With Xbox 360 In A Way That Makes All Other Gadgets and Gaming Console and Devices In The Market Jealous

Italiano: Xbox 360 Slim with Kinect

Italiano: Xbox 360 Slim with Kinect (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kinect is coming out this November, that means it’s around the corner.  Xbox 360 users will have something to brag about over all other game consoles.  It’s a Microsoft technology that allows you to use Xbox 360 without using any controller.  Basically, to control Xbox 360,  all you have to do is to use everything that you have as a person such as your hands, feet, face, whole body, and voice.  Kinect’s sensor can see objects in 3D.  Facial recognition is also another awesome thing that Kinect can do.

The new Xbox 360 S model is Kinect ready, and by this I mean you don’t have to buy a special power supply cable to get Kinect to work, but the older Xbox 360 model requires the special power supply cable.  It seems Kinect requires a lot more power than Xbox 360’s USB port could handle as in providing the extra power to Kinect, but the newest Xbox 360 S model has a special AUX port for this purpose — the special power supply cable would act as the special AUX port for the older Xbox 360 model which shares the role in supplying power with USB port.

Playing games, watching movies, listening to music, and video chatting with another person over the Internet are something that you will do without using any controller when using Kinect with Xbox 360.  Imagine when you have to fight a monster boss using Kinect, you have to be active such as kicking your feet up in the air, ducking your whole body, and so forth.  It can be a good workout!  Voice activation is quite sweet as you can make Xbox 360 does things for you with your voice.  Kinect is cool as it takes away the controllers and allow your interaction with the machine in a very futuristic way and natural.

I can’t help but feel sad that my favorite technologies are spreading across different brand, and these cannot be compatible with each other.  For an example, I anticipate Google TV, but imagine you can use Kinect with Google TV — it would be way cooler than just using Google TV itself.  PS3 is a gaming console that I like more than Xbox 360, but Kinect is interesting enough that I wish I could marry PS3 and Kinect together!  The list can go on and on for Kinect as its futuristic ability makes it quite hard to ignore.  I also read at Wikipedia that in the future, Kinect may come out for PC users (i.e., Windows 8).  As Kinect technology gets improve through time, I surmise that in the future, Kinect will shrink in size.  Right now, Kinect is already a small device as it’s barely larger than an Xbox controller when placing them side by side.  Check out how large Kinect in the pictures seen on Gizmodo.

Check out the video below to see Kinect in action: