Facebook Uses Skype Technology To Allow Members Do Video Chat

Video chat isn’t new at all!  In fact, I think it has been around for couple years or more already!  In fact, Skype started videotelephony since 2005, and so we know video chat has been around for at least six years or more.  According to Wikipedia, by 2010 Skype already had 663 millions of users, and so we know video chat was very widespread before now.  So why the partnering up between Facebook and Skype creates so much lively conversations and noises on the web?  I think partly because Facebook is now going to be able to bring video chat to so many Facebook users at once.  Plus, Facebook touts that video chat on Facebook is so easy that anybody could do it (i.e., one, two, click and there you go, without needing any technical knowledge).  Check out the video below where Facebook talks about its video chat capability!

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skype,

Google Releases Video Chat Source Code, Allowing Just About Anybody To Create A Video Chat Service

Want to build a video chat website or service that caters to unique experience?  No, I’m not talking about the porn industry, but it’s all about Google’s latest move.  Google has released source code of their video chat technology.  In fact, Google acquired this video chat technology when it bought out Global IP Solutions in 2010.

It seems as if Google is doing this deliberately!  Google knows Microsoft is in the process of completing the acquisition of Skype for $8.5 billion or so, and so Google releases the source code of its video chat technology to entice competition against Microsoft.  In fact, Google spent only millions to acquiring its video chat technology, but Microsoft has to spend billions of dollars.

Yes, I know, Microsoft is acquiring a very popular platform.  In 2010, as reported Skype had around 663 millions of users/accounts.  Still, Google may be able to make Microsoft feels that it has overspent on Skype since Google urges browser developers and website owners to utilize its video chat technology.  If Google’s wish comes true, then Skype will be just another video chat service!  In fact, video chat will be so normal that people won’t care which video chat service they want to get accustom to, since many more video chat services will be made available to users through Google’s video chat technology.

Skype has one advantage over any new video chat startup is that it has huge user-base and load of cash from Microsoft to upgrade its service’s capability.  If you haven’t yet heard of Skype, Wikipedia has a very good article on it here.  I typed in Google Video Chat Source Code in Google’s search box, and the first link led me to here.

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