Can Role Playing Help Create Jobs?

When it comes to video game, role playing is always an element that has to be considered in developing a video game.  How come?  Whether role playing is essential to the whole video game or not, it does serve a function of allowing a game developer to know what direction that he or she or an entity needs to take in order for a video game to be coherent.  Who could have thought though that role playing in video game is too does serve a purpose in reality.  What I mean by this will be expanded later on within this blog post, but for now let me doodle about the reality.

Within a family, everyone has got a role to play.  Dad and mom work to feed kids, and kids go to school so they can be well rounded so one day they can take over the roles of mom and dad.  The cycle spins on into the end of humanity’s time.  Right?  Well, it has been like this for thousands of years, but thousands of years past had never seen the planet earth that is so overpopulated as now.  Furthermore, technologies of today allow robotics to take over many functionalities that humans once played a central role in producing and servicing products and services.  Can the traditional role playing of the reality be sustainable?

As technologies become more productive, the job market has less needs for some human capitals and as the surplus of human capitals increases each day through lifestyle improvements made possible by advanced technologies and medicines, humanity is now facing the possibility of seeing less available roles for role playing by us humans.  On the top of everything, the world is evermore interconnected to the point that world companies can be shuffled around parts of the world to receive the benefits of having tax breaks and political favors and whatnot, and this will furthermore pushes parts of the world to experience job losses.  With less jobs to go around as modernity’s conditions have it, there will be less roles for role playing to go around!

The question is, what can we do about this?  The traditional thinking is that kids must learn the best of the best of whatever (e.g., get into the best school, get the best outside school experiences, etc…) in order for them to be ready to join the modernity work force.  Without the necessary experiences and backgrounds, we say that these kids will not be well rounded for life.  Nonetheless, we know that the future might not have enough roles for role playing to go around, how on earth by having the best of the best experiences of whatnot can help these kids compete in such environment?  Perhaps, role playing is the key to answer this very question?

I imagine that at such a point in the near future, we might have to settle with how well rounded kids and adults alike taking turn playing the same roles.  Not every teacher can teach the same subject!  Not every teacher can always be a teacher!  Nobody is omnipotence in knowledge and whatnot!  Each and every one of us humans on this planet does serve a purpose, and this purpose is to live as well as we can.  So when each and every one of us can switch roles from time to time accordingly, each and every one of us can learn new experiences.  Furthermore, switching role allows us humans to be able to either partly or fully resolve the unemployment problem, because there will be roles for role playing.

Of course, how do we carry out this role playing idea in reality is totally a different story.  After all, we have owners and workers, right?  Owners are the ones who actually spend their own money to keep their businesses humming.  In the corporation types of business, the owners will be more about shareholders and CEOs, because things are more decentralized.  Nonetheless, what if the true owners of whatever entities decide that except the first among equals, everyone else is a fair game for role playing.  By doing this, you never know a company can get lucky in developing a talent that is so competitive that would blow out one’s mind.  How?  By giving a person a chance of learning new experiences in a new role, one might never know that such a person might find such a role has shaped a person into a more capable person in whatever.  Furthermore, role playing ensures one from hoarding power and does stupid unchecked things that might harm an entity.  Why?  After all, he or she may assume that his or her next role might not be so glamorous, and so it would not be wise for such a person to be power tripping.  Of course, there are a lot of things that might be disadvantages for role playing.  Here I list few disadvantages:

  • Person who switches to new role might not like the experiences and perform poorly.
  • Without a permanent role, a role playing person might take a role less serious, thus such a person might perform lazily.
  • In a powerful role, a person might behave badly since he or she may assume that such a role might never be there for him or her to role playing again.
  • How do a company hire and fire an employee in role playing job market?
  • Do a company fire a person from a role only, or do a person has to be fired from the company entirely?
  • It’s hard for a company to determine the salary or wage for a role player in constant role playing changing environment.  This might make the company’s payroll a lot more complex.
  • Important and powerful roles might have the power to fire and hire.  With great power comes great responsibility, can these roles be safe to have them be switched by various role players?  Perhaps, such a firing and hiring responsibilities should only be in the hand of first among the equals?  This means, first among the equals has to get down and dirty when it comes down to hiring and firing.

Obviously, there are a lot of things that might be negative for switching roles in the reality, but there also might be a lot of things that are positives when role playing does perform.  One most noticeable positive I had mentioned earlier is all about there will be enough roles for role playing.  With less job losses and more jobs to go around, more roles to play, the world will see less poverty and foods will be on more tables.  Bring home the bacon will no longer be a problem as more bacons can be brought home by role players.  In my opinion, role playing is a possible solution for a future job market where there are less jobs to be found.  It’s just an idea and I’m not an expert on assessing the big picture of a future job market, and so I do think you read this blog post with a grain of salt.

Could It Be That The Advancement Of Technological Development In General Had Expanded Joblessness Of Today?

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Much to my disgruntlement, not too many people make a big deal or curious enough on what could be driven the global economy of today.  So to speak, much to my satisfaction for me to come by a wonderful TechCrunch‘s article — Is Technology Destroying Jobs? — and this reminds me of something else.  This something else is The Zeitgeist Movement.

It’s a complex subject, and it’s a very sensitive subject regardless of how one tries to soft pedal it.  It’s complex since there are too many factors at work.  It’s too sensitive since there are too many people who experience joblessness.  So, it’s hard to gauge whether people out of jobs for they aren’t technologically evolved fast enough or people have been robbed by the wealthiest folks in a nation or the world.

We can sure narrow down to specific examples and nod in agreements that it could be there were few corrupted souls who had gotten greedier to a point the economy as a whole of a country went to new low.  We can also narrow down to specific examples and nod in agreements that the economy of today isn’t of yesterday since we rely on technology more and more.  So which is it?  Could it be both?

I remembered sometime back, almost two decades back so to speak, people I know now, some of them were worked in factory with machines made trash bags.  These people were worked with machines to make sure the trash bags were came out right and they had to bag the trash bags (i.e., wrapping the trash bags).  Nowadays, with the advancement of technological development in general, I have to wonder what if this very trash bag factory was still in business (i.e., it was out of business awhile back), could it be that this very company would just have the machines to bag the trash bags also?

The story I told above has showed us that as technology gets to be evermore proficient, it might just be that in a very near future even the Chinese workers in China will complain about joblessness.  After all, businesses are out to make record profits.

In certain industries, machines might be capable of replacing humans through and through.  Had you watched the television show “How It’s Made” and had to wonder why the machines were so capable of producing so much more stuffs and had done so efficiently and yet there were fewer humans to guide them?  It’s not hard to see why CEOs of corporations and small business owners incline to deploy advance technologies to churn out greater profits.  The problem is that they can cut loose the humans from the equations/formulas, therefore corporations and companies can churn out even greater profits by not having to pay wages month after month.  Instead, they (i.e., the industries) only have to buy machines/robots with advance intelligence that last for decades to come to replace humans.

TechCrunch’s article I’d mentioned above points out how horses were replaced by the introduction of advance technology such as cars.  So, it’s not hard for us to see why humans might be replaced by robots and other advance machineries in a near future.  The Zeitgeist Movement emphasizes on the importances of how technology can solve humans’ calamities such as world hunger and poverty and so on.  So, on one extreme, we humans fear machines will create joblessness all over the world and rendering us humans useless as if we were those horses that no longer had jobs.  On the other extreme, we have The Zeitgeist Movement which claims technology can be so advanced that one day humans would be lifted out of world hunger, poverty, and many other calamities.  I have to wonder though, could we just find a middle ground and not have to pick one extreme over another to solve our great calamities to come?

As Erik Brynjolfsson, economic professor of MIT‘s Sloan business school, points out that it could be that the technological development in general had grown too fast for everyone to catch up or evolve as fast as the evolution of technologies, therefore large population of humans of this great nation of ours could not find jobs that required advanced skills.  Perhaps, this nation of ours need to find ways to bring people up to date with technologies so they can find jobs?  When people are able to attain the skills that will allow them to fit into the society of today without breaking their banks somehow, might this works to alleviate or eradicate the joblessness?  Perhaps, we need better laws and regulations in education field so tuitions won’t be so costly?  Perhaps educational industry needs to work evermore closely to other industries to ensure students will find the right jobs easier?

I think we might be able to create more jobs and embrace the advancements of technologies at the same time as long more of us can work toward goals where education can be put into practice easier and education costs less.  We might need better approaches, modern approaches so to speak, in regarding to delivering education to everyone.  Otherwise, the folks who are out of jobs now and had not been back in schools for so long might not be able to absorb the educational materials that are so essential to their being able to find jobs.  I think education might be the key to solve many calamities to come, but education has to be done right somehow.  Otherwise, it won’t work!