Steep (Open Beta) Gameplay Episode 1 – 4K Resolution/PC

Check out my first gameplay for Steep.  This game is still in Open Beta phase, and so whatever you see here may not be the same when the game actually comes out for everyone to play.  Anyway, enjoy the game!

More info:  I play this game in 4K resolution at maximum graphics settings for the game.  My rig got SLI GTX 1080 graphics cards.  Unfortunately, my 4K monitor is only at 60Hz.  Right now, not sure YouTube is accepting 60fps 4K video or not, and so I only recorded the gameplay in 30fps.  Nonetheless, when I’m playing the game the fps rate is above 44 fps.  Yep, got SLI GTX 1080 graphics cards (meaning 2 GTX 1080 graphics cards together in one rig), and yet the fps is only above 44 fps when playing this game.  The graphics of the game is so awesome though.

Dishonored Gameplay Episode 1 (4K Resolution – PC)

In few more days, Dishonored 2 will come out.  I already pre-ordered Dishonored 2, but I haven’t yet played Dishonored 1, ever.  This gameplay video of Dishonored 1 is how I’m trying to get into this whole Dishonored game franchise.  I don’t think I will be able to finish playing the whole Dishonored 1, but I’m playing it anyway before I would play Dishonored 2 at the release day.  Although the graphics for Dishonored 1 is somewhat outdated, but oh boy the arts are great.  Dishonored 1’s gameplay isn’t bad either, and so hopefully I will be able to see great improvements in Dishonored 2.  As always, I’m playing this game in 4K resolution.  When Dishonored 2 comes out, I’ll also play it in 4K resolution at max graphics settings.  For now, if you’re like me haven’t yet played Dishonored 1 and yet wanting to play Dishonored 2, you can always watch this video for a bit or go watch somebody else’s gameplay for Dishonored 1 to get to see the whole story of Dishonored 1.  After all, Dishonored 2 is the continuation of Dishonored 1’s story.  Enjoy!