Why We’re Alone?

Just a quick thought on why we’re alone or at least we think we’re alone!  If you have read the Three-Body Problem sci-fi trilogy, then you may compel to agree with the author that other aliens don’t want to be seen at all costs!  The idea is that once an intelligent world is being discovered it could be the end of it.

Imagine an intelligent world that is being developed to the point that it needs to colonize other planets to sustain its population and civilization.  This world thus would go out of its way to strip resources of other planets and stars.  The hungriness of such a world would not be stopped and it would grow infinitely until their technology got so great that they could outstrip an entire galaxy for resources.

Aliens might not want to see such a world to develop to such capacity that would compete against their own world, and so destroying an undeveloped world as fast as possible would be the easiest thing to do.  Of course, we could not know what the aliens would think.  Perhaps some aliens out there prefer peace over war.  Perhaps, some aliens prefer to see the whole universe teems with colorful civilizations.

Personally, I think there could be aliens out there that are so developed and advanced to the point that they could hide in plain sight and we just don’t have the technology to see them.  Some aliens could be so advanced that they don’t need to colonize and change the ecosystem of a planet for survival because they could modify themselves to fit into any environment!  For all, we could know they could fly in a poisonous gaseous environment and would still feel like taking a stroll on a warm Sunday afternoon.

As we’re looking for a Goldilocks solar system to test our theory of finding existing alien life, these aliens may just be in plain sight but we won’t know it as we’re too focusing on the wrong environment.  In short, we’re guessing but we could be off for miles.  Perhaps, aliens don’t live in a Goldilocks environment?  Perhaps they are and they have the technology to prevent us from seeing them or seeing their solar system?

Could Saturn’s Rings Were Made By UFO?

I don’t think I can claim that I’d seen a real UFO as in an alien craft from outer space, but I think what I’d seen once was something that I could not describe since it flew too fast and appeared to be an orange or red ball that flew way too fast for any modern craft to do so.  It hovered like for a few seconds to the left of the tree line and then it flew in a strangest way and disappeared real fast behind the tree line, and that was around 9:00 or 10:00 PM or so, because I don’t remember the exact time.  I know it was night time for sure.  This is why I remember it was so bright, but I could not remember the exact color of the unidentified object.  Anyhow, so nowadays when an incredible person with incredible background in science or reputable field claimed that he or she had seen a UFO, I wouldn’t disregard his or her claim immediately.  After all, my experience was rather strange too.

Dr. Norman Bergrun, author of Ringmakers of Saturn, claimed that he believed the rings around Saturn are stuffs that were created by the aliens.  I could be wrong on what I just stated, because I couldn’t find much information about Dr. Norman Bergrun.  I tried to find a wikipedia page of the man, but I couldn’t find any.  Nonetheless, on Amazon, a book under the title Ringmakers of Saturn is available for purchase, and the author of the book is indeed Norman Bergrun.  Anyhow, I’ve found that it’s interesting how Dr. Norman Bergrun thought that the rings weren’t naturally formed by Saturn and the spatial environment around Saturn.

Furthermore, the article Cassini Finds ‘Nothing’ in Saturn’s Ring Gap on astroengine.com digs into how scientists studied the data that Cassini found in regarding to the space between the rings and Saturn was a big empty.  This confound the scientists as they thought there should be more space dust between the rings and the Saturn itself.  This mystery of Saturn’s rings makes me wonder could Dr. Norman Bergrun has been onto something all along.  Anyhow, check out a YouTube video right after the break where Dr. Norman Bergrun talks on why he thinks Saturn’s rings aren’t natural.

Will We Come In Peace? (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • On this little watery planet,
  • earth is what we call it,
  • has many myths and legends,
  • but none is so alien,
  • unless we’re talking about UFO.
  • Oh, little green man,
  • or you must be a green woman,
  • with big head and weird eyes,
  • do tell us that you come in peace,
  • or do I have to be worried?
  • Thus UFO is both myth and legend,
  • zipping around with blinding speed,
  • too fast for us to know the truth,
  • planting illusive hope for seeing them come,
  • so we can shake their green hands in peace.
  • Obsessive as we are with UFO,
  • because we don’t really know,
  • why can’t we identify something,
  • and some of us go to great extent,
  • turning hoaxes into modern legends.
  • The confusion is compounding,
  • as science is advancing,
  • thus astronomy progresses nicely,
  • telling us there’s a huge possibility,
  • for them green outsiders to visit us.
  • After all there are countless planets,
  • to the point we can’t count them all,
  • and we don’t know how many more,
  • that are existing out there in space,
  • thus the possibility is truly fantastic.
  • Here we are becoming too obsessive,
  • with everything that is unidentified,
  • we scream UFO when it’s a hoax,
  • we scream hoax when it’s UFO,
  • thus UFO is truly unidentified.
  • The irony is us very being,
  • calling them weird and being green,
  • but we have yet to meet any,
  • and then we UFO the moon,
  • Mars too isn’t being so lucky.
  • We UFO another planet,
  • with our green robotic rovers,
  • to see if there is a green man,
  • or if there is a green woman,
  • to have a green handshake.
  • Perhaps, they’re out there,
  • out there somewhere waiting for us,
  • with their weird green hands,
  • hoping to shake ours,
  • but will they come in peace?
  • Perhaps, we’re green ourselves,
  • one day we’ll find them for sure,
  • with our green hands,
  • hoping to shake theirs,
  • but will we come in peace?

Craziest Idea Of The Day: Hiding Behind A Lifeless Planet Illusion To Evade A Possible Alien Attack

Planets from Venus up to Uranus have diameters...

Planets from Venus up to Uranus have diameters from ten to one hundred million metres. Top row: Uranus (left), Neptune (right); middle row: Earth (left), Sirius B (center), and Venus (right), to scale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, craziest idea ever would pop into my tiny brain, and no matter how crazy it was I would say wow and would think about sharing it.  Here is one for the day.  Perhaps, one day we might be invaded by the aliens, therefore we should come up with technology that projects earth as a lifeless planet so the aliens would prefer to pass us by for a prettier planet.  Of course, there is no guarantee as alien technology might be able to penetrate all of our illusions.  If the aliens will be real (or are real) and whatever they want to do that might not be so friendly, should we be hiding behind an illusion only?  Of course, such a question is so out of this world, I might be long long gone before several millennia later that someone would even think about asking this question again for real.  Perhaps, never ever such a question will ever have any merit since our universe, alone, is so vast that it is just mind boggling to think one intelligent planet can find another let alone travelling to it.  Nonetheless, whether this question is belonging to science fiction realm or not, I think it’s rather cool just to think of it… so there it is…