noexec Parameter for /tmp Inside /etc/fstab File May Prevent You From Upgrading Ubuntu 11.10 To 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin), source is from

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin), source is from

Some of you might have secure your Ubuntu 11.10’s /tmp directory by editing the /etc/fstab and having /tmp as noexec, but doing this will prevent some of you to upgrade Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04.  The solution is to remove noexec parameter from /tmp in /etc/fstab and remount /tmp.  Afterward you can upgrade Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04.  Check out the exact process of how to remove noexec from /tmp inside /etc/fstab and upgrade Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04 through command lines right after the break.

  1. sudo -i
  2. vim.tiny /etc/fstab
  3. hit letter i on your keyboard to have vim.tiny enters the editing mode
  4. scroll down till you see something like this [UUID=xxx-xxx-xxx…     /tmp     ext4     defaults,noexec,nosuid     0     2]
  5. remove noexec from the line you see above for /etc/fstab
  6. hit ESC key on your keyboard
  7. type in [:wq] without the square brackets (of course) to save /etc/fstab file
  8. type in this command [mount -o remount /tmp] without using the square brackets, when done you should see nothing spits out from the terminal (it means no error)
  9. let stick with the terminal and use command lines to upgrade your system, type in the two commands you see below, each on its own line, OK?
    1. apt-get install update-manager-core
    2. do-release-upgrade
  10. you might have to answer yes or no for few things during the upgrade process, so don’t close that terminal till upgrade is completely finished, OK?  When done upgrade, secure your /tmp directory again by going back into the /etc/fstab, and re-entering the noexec into the line which specifies a configuration of /tmp (the line you see in step #4), hit ESC key to save /etc/fstab file, and type in [:wq] to exit and save /etc/fstab file, and finally remount your /tmp directory as how you had done in step #8

Listen To Spotify On Ubuntu 11.10

Wanting to run Spotify on Ubuntu 11.10?  By following the instruction from Cnet‘s article “Get Spotify on Linux,” I’ve got Spotify to run on Ubuntu 11.10.  Here is one caveat, Cnet suggests that only premium and unlimited users can make this work, because Spotify for Linux is still a preview version which has no ad support.  To put this in another way, free users cannot run Spotify on Linux even though they follow the instruction from Cnet’s article “Get Spotify on Linux” to the letter!  Enjoy!

Brief Tour On Ubuntu 11.10 And Things That One Should Do Right After Installing It (video)

Ubuntu 11.10 came out yesterday!  Its graphical user interface is nicer than the one which dresses up Ubuntu 11.04.  Ubuntu 11.10 uses Unity 3D theme.

Besides looking pretty with a nicer graphical user interface, it also has a nicer Ubuntu Software Center.  The Ubuntu Software Center 5 allows developers to sell apps, and this might entice more developers to create more apps for Ubuntu platform.

Ubuntu 11.10 supports ARM architecture, but normal users wouldn’t care much about the technicality of things as long Ubuntu will run on devices that use ARM architecture.

LightDM login manager is now the default login manager for Ubuntu 11.10.  Users who allow themselves to login automatically into Ubuntu will miss the new login screen known as Unity Greeter.  I don’t consider a new login screen as a new feature, but I guess others would disagree.

Anyhow, I’d made a video which gives you a brief tour of Ubuntu 11.10 and talks of things that one should do right after installing Ubuntu 11.10.  So, check it out right after the break!

In conclusion, I think Ubuntu 11.10 feels more solid than 11.04.  Nonetheless, there isn’t enough new features in Ubuntu 11.10 to overwhelm users who just got familiar with Ubuntu 11.04.  Perhaps, when Ubuntu releases the 12 version, then things might get overwhelming.  Anyhow, Ubuntu is still going and kicking strong, and I like it!