Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gameplay Episode 1 (4K)

Check out my first episode of gameplay for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate on PC.  The game is graphics intensive, because my computer is screaming and blowing hot air at Ultra graphics settings for 4K gameplay.  Still, I get like 34 to 40 frames per second range for the gameplay, and so I’m not at all disappointed.  Check out the gameplay right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Assassin’s Creed Unity – China DLC Buzz And Trailer

I don’t know when exactly Ubisoft will release Assassin’s Creed Unity, because I’d read couple sources that gave different dates.  Nonetheless, it seems that Assassin’s Creed Unity definitely will be released this year.  Sometimes in November or December of 2014?  To me, what is exciting about the release of Assassin’s Creed Unity is that I want to be able to check out the DLC of Assassin’s Creed Unity (China) DLC.  This China DLC seems to be a divergence of all DLCs that had previously gotten released by Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed series.  How?  Well, right off the bat the most noticeable thing which has gotten mentioned and exhibited by Assassin’s Creed Unity (China) DLC trailer is that the graphic design for this DLC is in 2.5 dimension.  If I’m not wrong, all previous DLCs for Assassin’s Creed series are fully 3D.  Since the graphic design for Assassin’s Creed Unity (China) DLC isn’t fully 3D, I bet the gameplay will have to be very different.  I wonder how fun or how boring this will be.  Can’t wait!  One more thing, I think this Assassin’s Creed Unity (China) DLC might be a possible hint in the direction in term of plots, stories, and historic/fantasy locations of the next (or next next) Assassin’s Creed game (or games).