Divinity: Original Sin Gameplay Episode 37 (Defeating Trife And Void Dragon)

This is the last episode for my gameplay of Divinity: Original Sin video game (PC).  Finally, my characters are going to fight the last bosses in this very episode.  Basically, they’re going to fight Trife and then Void Dragon.  Anyhow, check out the episode right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Divinity: Original Sin Gameplay Episode 34 (Unlock Source Temple’s First Inner Chamber Door)

Just another episode of Divinity: Original Sin gameplay.  Enjoy!!!

Side note:  I had to wander around and try to find 3 more star-stones within this episode before I could unlock the inner chamber door of the Source Temple.  This means if you watch this gameplay video, you might feel spoil about finding out how to obtain couple star-stones in the process.  Nonetheless, if you’re playing this game and you already know how to obtain these star-stones, then I guess you can skip to the very last part of the gameplay video.  Enjoy!!!