Titanfall 2 Gameplay Episode 4 – 4K Resolution (PC)

Spoiler:  The ending to the Singleplayer story mode for Titanfall 2 is revealing in this video.  Enjoy!

Titan fall’s Game Code On Sale For $10

For whatever reasons that you had not purchased and played Titanfall on PC, perhaps now is the time since it’s being on sale for $10?  Click to this [link (Titanfall)] on Amazon, and then click on PC Download for the platform area to purchase the sale code for Titanfall.  When done with the purchasing, you have to log into EA’s Origin to download the game.  By the way, I just got mine.  This game is still very new, and thus I think $10 price is definitely a deal.  Nonetheless, you should check out the review to see if this game is up to your liking or not, because a bad purchase is always a bad purchase even if the game is cheap.  Oh, if you click on the link and purchase the code for Titanfall at $10, I’ll get a commission since I’m an Amazon’s associate.  Just to clarify that and so you don’t say that I didn’t tell you so!  Honesty is best for whatever!  To conclude, I’m not sure how long this deal will stand.  You can dig around the web through Google or Bing search engine to see how long this deal will stand.  I guess, getting it while it hot?

Titanfall’s Official Gameplay Launch Trailer

Check out Titanfall’s Official Gameplay Launch trailer right after the break.

Personal note:

The graphics in this trailer look epic.  I haven’t tried the beta version of this game, therefore I won’t know anything about it yet.  Nonetheless, I did a bit reading of this game and noticed that this game has only multiplayer mode.

Although I do like to play multiplayer games from time to time, but I usually prefer games with very strong single player storyline.  I’m not sure Titanfall will be my cup of tea or not, but I’m so hypnotized by the trailer here.  They said, the release date for Titanfall is March 11, 2014.  This means it’s about to be released.

If you have a gaming computer or XBox One, then you definitely will be able to play Titanfall (so called the next generation first person shooter).  If you have PS4, you won’t be able to play this game unless things will change somehow in the future.  Be sure to check the game requirement (e.g., graphic card, processor, operating system, etc…) before you go ahead and open up your wallet for this game.  It’s about to come out, exciting eh?

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