Glorious 4K Time-lapse Video Of North America

Got a 4K display?  If not, you can watch 4K time-lapse video of North America in a less than 4K glorious resolution.  I’m sure it will be just as stunning as in 4K display.  This video brought to you by 3motion user on Vimeo, and I have no affiliation to this person or Vimeo whatsoever.  Nonetheless, it’s a cool video to share, and so check it out right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Hermit North Korea’s Pyongyang In Detailed Time-lapse

In the West, North Korea is well known as a hermit kingdom.  Under a family dynasty, North Korea has seen the country is still being ruled by the Kim family.  Since North Korea is always secretive to the West, and so many people in the West aren’t so familiar with this country at all.  North Korea has always considered the United States and her allies as the enemies.  The West often regards North Korea as inhuman society since it’s being ruled by a family dynasty and not under the rule of law.  With so many barriers that prevent people from the outside looking in, North Korea is surely a hermit kingdom to the West.  Hermit as she is, someone had just made a detailed video of North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, in professional time-lapse fashion.

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Flocks Of Clouds In A Foggy Night (amateurish, low-light, time-lapse photography attempt)

I guess whenever you do something new, you experience something new, obviously.  Actually, you learn something new, either through the hard way or you’ve been guided before.  For me, I didn’t know that my lens could get fogged up in the cold night, because I didn’t know about keeping the lens as nearly cold as the colder outside temperature.  Then there was the carelessness of me, I thought it was impossible to get lens glare in the night photography, but I was wrong.  You know the kind of glare that you would get from the bright sun if you have your lens points toward the bright sun?  Anyhow, I guess when everything around you was very dark and the brightest light source was the night streetlamp, this sort of situation actually could give your lens the similar sun glares.  Anyhow, I guess I would try to capture better clouds in the night the next time through time-lapse photography.  This time around, just enjoy my amateurish attempt on low-light time lapse photography, OK?  It was my second attempt on doing time-lapse photography ever!

China’s Latest Feat, Assembling 30 Story Building In 15 Days!


Image by x-av via Flickr

A commenter oridade on YouTube points out that the title of a YouTube video (***30-story building built in 15 days*** Construction time lapse *View Fullscreen*) is clearly and utterly misleading.  Instead, oridade points out that the video only shows the 30 story building is being assembled within 15 days.  Still, for assembling a 30 story building with the latest technologies within 15 days is quite a feat nonetheless.  The latest technologies that are being installed inside this 30 story building enable the building itself to withstand 9 magnitude earthquake resistance, have 5 times more energy efficient, have 4-paned window type, have internal window insulation for windows, have 20 times purer air, and monitor air quality for each and every room of the building.  It seems that Broad Group is the Chinese company which had pulled off this feat.  This 30 story building is now a hotel prototype, according to the information below the YouTube video which you can watch right after the break.  Enough reading, why not check out the YouTube time lapse video to see the assembling of China‘s 30 story building in 15 days for yourself right after the break.