Europe’s Solar Pride, Gemasolar To Power Up To 25,000 Homes Day And Night

According to the video below, Europe has the first solar plant in the world that generates energy 24/7.  It means this solar plant will generate power even the sun goes to sleep.  They call this plant as Gemasolar, and it took $410 million to build it.

The magic for Gemasolar to keep on going throughout the night, when the moon shines romantically up high and the stars naughtily light up the sky in shapes of astrological beasts and what not, is that it has a backup giant thermal energy storage (i.e., thermal battery) in a shape of a tall, vertical tower which stands in the middle of the plant.  This giant vertical shape thermal storage tower stores molten nitrate salt tank, and then huge amount of gigantic, high quality mirrors that surround the tower would beam rays of solar energy onto the top of the tower to generate enough heat so the steam turbines would be activated.

In a nutshell, the molten nitrate salt would store enough heat to drive the steam turbines throughout the night time.  According to Gizmodo, Gemasolar can power up to 25,000 homes and reduce around 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide that got released into the atmosphere per year.  To know more about Europe’s first solar plant which runs 24/7, please check out the video on Gemasolar right after the break.

I don’t know enough about solar technology in general to know better, but I be bold even though I might be so wrong!  I think it would be better to erect buildings to support mirrors such as Gemasolar that surround Gemasolar-like thermal storage towers so the environment can be enhanced with architectural aesthetic and practical applications such as housing and the like.  Why not construct buildings of relevant sections of towns and cities in circles of mirrors and thermal storage towers in the center of each such architectural circle to create free energy for everyone.  I be darn, even the tower could be useful somehow such as a hotel in a shape of a skyscraper which also acts as a giant thermal storage tower.  Nonetheless, such architectural marvels need to be safe so the inhabitants won’t have to worry about health risks!  What do you think?