The Secret World – Newbie Gameplay Episode 07

Just more side quests that I chose to do to farm for more skill points and ability points.  This way, I would be able to increase experience and in the process my character would be able to wear better gears.  Interesting quests though!  Enjoy!!!

The Secret World – Newbie Gameplay Episode 06

You don’t really have to follow the previous The Secret World (newbie gameplay) episodes to enjoy this one.  Anyhow, you can check out The Secret World (newbie gameplay episode 06) right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

The Secret World – Newbie Gameplay Episode 05

The Secret World (newbie gameplay episode 05) continues the Dust to Dust side quest from episode 04.  Also, more side quests and so on.  Unfortunately, even with episode 05, I’m not yet ready to take on tier 12 of Dawning of the Endless Night quest.  Reasons are that I need better gears and weapons and abilities still.  I don’t play game all day, therefore it will take me a while before I make a travel to Blue Mountain and finish up the tier 12 for The Dawning of the Endless Night quest.  I want to make sure, you know?  After all, from what I’d read online, it seems tier 12 for The Dawning of the Endless Night quest is rather hard and players need gears/weapons at QL 03 or more.  I’m not sure if that is exactly the case, but I like to take my time.  Anyhow, I think this episode is somewhat more fun than the previous episodes.  Enjoy!!!

The Secret World – Newbie Gameplay (Character Creation and Intro)

The video right after the break introduces the very beginning of The Secret World game.  Well, sort of.  First, it’s about the character creation, and then the very beginning part that excites you and pull you into The Secret World.  Please, enjoy it!

The Secret World – Newbie Gameplay Episode 02

To continue the effort of The Secret World – Newbie Gameplay episode 01, episode 02 is now available.  You don’t really have to watch the episode 01 to enjoy episode 02.  So dig in, or I should say you should be watching it now.  Anyhow, enjoy!!!

What About The Secret World

The upcoming game “The Secret World” looks so enticing to me.  I’d played World of Warcraft before, but I’m no longer participating in WoW since I got tired of it.  Yet, I heard some people would rather die than not seeing themselves in WoW.  That is how addicted WoW can be for some people; since WoW, no other game has the same addicted power.  How about “The Secret World?”

According to MSNBC, “The Secret World” blends elements of reality and fantasy together, intertwining these elements together in such a way that will mesmerize gamers and associate gamers with certain realities at the same time.  Whether that be a reality of conspiracy theories or reality of fashion.  By fashion I mean how the game tries to convince gamers that they are immersing in a virtual world that is somewhat similar to their real world.

Perhaps, by mixing elements of real world and virtual world in one sentence, “The Secret World” can be very addicted for some people, more than World of Warcraft!  People might feel the plots in “The Secret World” are more convincing than most games, but at the same time the stories within are just as entertaining.  I haven’t play “The Secret World” yet, but if the gameplay of this very game is extraordinary and revolutionary, then it very well might seal the deal to be the next best/addicted massively multiplayer online role playing game since World of Warcraft and few other notable titles.

The game isn’t yet out, but it has a very fun test on its official website that allows you to take the test to see which clan/society you are most likely fitting for.  I’d took the test and was found to be best fitted for Dragon.  I’m sure your might be very different, or else join the Dragon with me!  Their official website is at