Beautiful Skyrim Gameplay Episode 8 – Hosting A Party In Sovngarde’s Hall of Valor

After the slaying of Alduin, I want to host a party to celebrate the defeat of Alduin (boss of all dragons).  But where should I host the party?  Ah, that’s right!  I think I shall host this party in Sovngarde.  There is not a better place to host such a party.  In this episode, I host a party in Sovngarde’s Hall of Valor.  A few guests that raise eyebrows say they would come to join the party too.  Why don’t you join my party?

Beautiful Skyrim Gameplay Episode 6

In this episode, I seek out one of the elder scrolls so I can learn the Dragonren thum.  With Dragonren thum, I can pluck Alduin and any other dragon out of the sky whenever I feel like it.  The video is right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Beautiful Skyrim Gameplay Episode 4

In the last episode, a dragon was resurrected, but how could that be?  Dragons were supposed to be forgotten in their ancient graves, but now they are all over Skyrim.  Anyhow, I’d slain the zombie dragon in the last episode, and in this episode I’m heading for Solitude to figure out what the Thalmors know of the dragon resurrections.  Enjoy!!!

Beautiful Skyrim Gameplay Episode 3

You know, Skyrim isn’t for lazy gamers.  You have to put in the necessary amount of time to figure out which mods will enhance Skyrim or just crash it altogether.  Sometimes, you got so many mods that you have to even deactivate many of them just to figure out which mod is the one that crashes your game (i.e., different PC system behaves differently).  Sometimes, a mod works fine till you find yourself in another Skyrim’s town or so, and then suddenly the mod goes crazy and crashes your game.  Yeah, Skyrim can be crazy, but I love it.  To continue this spirit, here is another episode for you to watch.  In this episode, I have to off a dragon for the Blade.  The episode is right after the break, enjoy!!!