Skywind – Fan-made Remake Of Morrowind

I played Oblivion before, but I played Skyrim even more extensively.  I guess Oblivion was my first foray into the fantasy universe of The Elder Scrolls.  Titles such as Morrowind are completely new to me even though these came out before Oblivion and Skyrim.  By watching a play-through on YouTube for Morrowind, it seems the graphics for the game are super blocky.  Obviously, the graphics for Morrowind are outdated, because nowadays games’ graphics are way more realistic.  Obviously, Skyrim is the perfect example of how far the graphics for The Elder Scrolls’ titles have come.  Nonetheless, even now the graphics of Skyrim are beginning to show aging, because newer, more advance game engines are making newer games even more realistic.  Regardless, Skyrim’s graphics are realistic enough, because many gamers were and still are immersing themselves in a fantasy universe of The Elder Scrolls through Skyrim.  Adding beautiful graphics mods that allow the enhancement and graphics alteration of Skyrim, gamers are able to enjoy an even more beautiful Elder Scrolls’ fantasy world.

Since I don’t play Morrowind at all, and so I’m very interested in the story of Morrowind as this precedes the Oblivion and Skyrim.  Maybe I have to watch more play-throughs for Morrowind on YouTube to get the idea.  Nonetheless, it seems there is this brand new fan-made Morrowind which got the blessing of Bethesda to allow the process to continue in reimagining Morrowind.  I think the graphics in Skywind isn’t going to beat the games that will be made in game engines such as Ubisoft’s brand new Snowdrop game engine, because from what I’d read it seems that Skywind is also being created in Skyrim’s game engine (i.e., The Creation Engine).  Regardless, from what I’ve heard, Skywind is going to be epic as the people behind this project are trying to create a very detailed, realistic Morrowind world.  In my opinion, as long Skywind looks just as good as Skyrim, I think it’s good enough for me to allow myself to be immersive in The Elder Scrolls’ universe once more.  Check out the progress of the fan-made Morrowind “Skywind” in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!