Tom Clancy’s The Division Gameplay Episode 2 (4K, Ultra HD – PC)

Just another episode of my gameplay for Tom Clancy’s The Division in 4K resolution.  Enjoy!

Note:  I just uploaded this video to YouTube, and so it may take a long while before YouTube could finish encoding this video into 4K resolution.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta Gameplay Episode 3 (4K, Ultra HD – PC) – The Dark Zone

In this episode, I’m touring the Dark Zone for the first time.  Playing this game in 4K resolution.  This is still a beta.  Enjoy!

Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta Gameplay Episode 2 (4K, UltraHD – PC)

In this episode, I’m finishing off the second mission which is the last mission you can do in Beta.  I think the official release of this game would definitely carry more missions than just the two available missions within Beta.  The next episode, I’m going to tour the Dark Zone.

Graphics Downgrade May Happen For Tom Clancy’s The Division

I have a PS4 and a gaming PC, and so I don’t see myself as a PC gamer only.  With this being said, I hate to see a company downgrades a game’s graphics, because the developer of such a game would fear that gamers — who have lower tier PCs and consoles — may feel left behind.  Instead of downgrading a game’s graphics, why don’t they release the digital versions of a game that could cater to both lower tier and higher tier game platforms?  Saving time and money, they don’t have to over do it.  Let’s say, they can release a single lower tier version of the game which targets all consoles and lower tier PCs, and they can release highest tier version of the game which targets the priciest and most powerful PCs.  This way, when the gamers who have only lower tier version of the game could then always upgrade their game platform when they want to play the higher tier version of the game.  No one will be left behind this way!  By releasing games digitally, the developer won’t have to worry about the physical manufacturing cost of the game, thus game with more tier versions won’t incur higher cost when it’s time to be published.

I was very excited about how awesome the graphics for an upcoming game “Tom Clancy’s The Division.”  Rumors or not, I now have doubted about the integrity of the original graphics announcement of this game, because various sources online have been written how the developer of this game would downgrade the graphics of this game.  Gamers like me who own both console and PC game platforms may be interested not only in the graphics of a game, but we also like to see good content within a game.  With that being said, gamers like me would love to experience something that could expand our imagination, and so immersion would always be a welcoming thing for us.  Thus, I think it’s a shame to see a game with awesome graphics gets a graphics downgrade.  I sure hope The Division would not get a graphics downgrade when it comes out in March of 2016.