Should Smartphone Makers Get Smart By Embedding No Driving While Texting Limitation Into Various Smartphone Operating Systems By Default To Prevent Driving Accidents?

Driver in a Mitsubishi Galant using a hand hel...

Driver in a Mitsubishi Galant using a hand held mobile phone violating New York State law. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The best way to stop people from texting while driving might have to come down to either the smartphone makers or the user themselves.  Nonetheless, I think the former party might be more honest.  Just imagine, instead of relying on the users themselves to download a road safety app, why not having the smartphone makers to embed a road safety function within various smartphone operating systems?  Imagine a scenario when a user tries to text during a moving vehicle, the very smartphone operating system can lock up all functionalities except the emergency functions such as answering a phone call (dial 911, etc…).

When vehicle is moving and a smartphone operating system is refusing to allow a user to text and use the smartphone in distracted ways, I think this very user either have to stop on the side of the road or find a place to park fast just so he or she can use his or her smartphone as usual.  Perhaps, this way more smartphone users will be less dangerous for fellow drivers while they’re on the roads.

I think, driving while texting is just as bad as driving while intoxicating.  Driving while texting is definitely much harder to enforce since when the drivers stop using their smartphone during a drive, there is no way for the police to know for sure that the drivers had used their smartphone during a drive.  Unlike alcohol, texting while driving does not leave any indication of intoxication in certain span of period, therefore the authority won’t be able to detect the wrong doing.

I believe, if you ask just about anyone in regarding to have they had ever done texting while driving,  most people will definitely answer you that they don’t do texting while driving.  Nonetheless, I believe most people sometimes if not a lot probably have done some texting while driving.  How come?  It’s just so easy to texting while driving even though texting while driving is hard.  Driving while texting is not easy, because you have to watch where you drive while texting, and this is why it’s so dangerous.  Nonetheless, people are doing it just because it’s so easy to reach for a smartphone and text away during a drive.

Dedicated, prudent drivers may not text while driving when they’re being careful, but even these drivers may let their guard down once or twice, and perhaps just once or twice is good enough to wreck havoc on the roads.

I think, the smartphone operating systems should be smart enough to refuse to allow drivers to text while driving.  Anyhow, I propose this idea based on my experience with a navigation system within my 2007 Hybrid Camry.  Don’t know if this is true for most 2007 Hybrid Camry model, but within mine I cannot enter any direction or use the navigation system in any manner that requires me to take my eyes off the road.  I cannot even override this very limitation if I want to (or I don’t know how to do so), and so I think the maker of the navigation system for 2007 Hybrid Camry had done a very smart thing.  It’s time for the smartphone makers to do the same?