Bobsled Can Save You Minutes On Mobile Phone

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling (Photo credit: Siliconbug)

Have a limited voice plan on your iPhone?  No worry, after downloading T-Mobile Bobsled iPhone app (also available for Android) from Apple App Store and allowing it to be installed onto iPhone, you can use it to call anyone within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico for FREE.  Do you have to be a T-Mobile mobile subscriber in order for you to use Bobsled?  Once again, don’t worry, the only requirement is that you have to have a smart phone that can make use of Bobsled.  There is one catch though!  You have to use Bobsled over a Wi-Fi connection or else your data plan from your own mobile service provider will be incurred as usual (i.e., how you would regularly spend your data plan and being charged for it).  Remember, Wi-Fi connection is something similar to either a free public Internet connection (e.g., Hotspot connection from Starbucks) or a paid home Internet connection which allows wireless bandwidth (e.g., wireless router which connects to an ISP broadband modem).

Before you can use Bobsled, you either authorize Bobsled with Facebook so you can connect to Bobsled using Facebook account or just create a brand new Bobsled account.  Creating a brand new Bobsled account requires you to provide your email address; in the same process you need to create a brand new password for a brand new Bobsled account.  Besides calling any land line or mobile phone number, Bobsled boasts that you can also call friends on Facebook.  I’m not sure how Bobsled would connect your phone call to someone on Facebook, because I have not yet dared to allow Bobsled to connect to my very own Facebook account.  I’m sort of very protective of my Facebook account.  Why don’t you try it out if you intend to use Bobsled and let me know how it goes, OK?

For your information, I had read Bobsled Facebook Calling Services Term of Service, and it stated that Bobsled makes use of unmodified open source software code.  This means you can request open source code of the components within Bobsled that rely on open source software code.  You can request open source software code of Bobsled at the address right after the break,

Vivox, Inc.

Attn:  Customer Support

2-4 Mercer Road,

Natick, MA 01760

Also, I’m not sure but I think Bobsled is still self-described as a beta software, therefore you might experience glitches when using Bobsled from time to time.  Nonetheless, it seems I haven’t yet seen a glitch myself while using Bobsled.  Furthermore, beta software is often requiring its user to update the software, and so you can expect Bobsled to be updated quite regularly.

I think Bobsled is great for iPhone and Android users who do not want to waste minutes when calling someone who is not using the same mobile service provider.  Nonetheless, I have heard how Verizon (i.e., recently) and few other mobile service providers do provide unlimited voice, and so Bobsled might become a redundant app if you are having unlimited voice mobile phone plan.  I haven’t yet made extensive and numerous phone calls using Bobsled, but I had tried it and the phone call was clear.  All in all, Bobsled might be a very good alternative way of saving some minutes and money while using a mobile phone.


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