New Structure of EssayBoard’s YouTube Channel Membership

From now on, all technology related videos and educational videos that I’d made and will make for my YouTube channel will still be free to watch, but most gameplay videos will only be made for pay membership subscribers.  The subscription rate is $6.99 per year.  Once you join and become a member of EssayBoard’s YouTube channel, you will be able to unlock all gameplay videos and future gameplay videos that I’d made and will make.  By going this route, I can continue to support my habit of making more gameplay videos, but at the same time I will also be able to provide free useful videos (such as educational videos on Linux and whatever) to the mass.  Thank you for your understanding.  Got some time to waste?  Check out EssayBoard’s YouTube channel!

Come On Apple, We Want Subscription-Based Streaming iTunes Music Service

According to Engadget and Bloomberg, Apple is planning to unleash its iTunes service to another level by allowing customers to have unlimited downloads.  Unlimited downloads in a sense that once you buy a track, your copy is forever your inside Apple’s cloud (i.e., data centers) and you can download the same track onto any device of yours that is able to launch iTunes.  It’s great that Apple is allowing people to have a personal property within its cloud, but I think Apple should have two plans for iTunes users!  Personally, I prefer the subscription model where iTunes users can subscribe to a flat rate monthly fee as Netflix has done so with its movie service.  For the iTune users who don’t want to pay monthly fee, they can buy one single track or album at a time.

Honest truth, I don’t know enough about the intricacy of the music industry to know how subscription model will affect the whole music industry in general sense.  For better or worse, I do think subscription model is the future for music industry!  Why?  I imagine that it’s less of a hassle and more of a joy to associate oneself with the music world by having access to all musics at all times without worrying about paying for each track.  Simple concept that Netflix has done it so well with movies, and so the music industry should get the same memo that Netflix had gotten a long time ago!  Music industry may do even better than the movie industry with the subscription model, because great musicians won’t go unnoticed for long as their fans will play their songs on frequent basis through subscription model — everything leads to more tours and events where great musicians will make more with their bottom lines.

Unfortunately, Apple may not go that route ever, and so everyone of us has to forever suffer the pain of paying for each track.  Talking about there is little incentive to buy more tracks on iTunes.  In practical sense, nobody can afford all musics on iTunes.  Apple can make that feeling happens by allowing users to have unlimited access and downloads to iTunes music via a subscription model.  Do you think iTunes would be a better service if it had a subscription model?  Do you think the music industry as a whole would fare better if it had a subscription model?  Do you think iTunes service and the music industry as whole would fare better if it allowed customers with more choices such as to either subscribe to a subscription model or buy a single track each time?