Could AI Steal Jobs From Soldiers?

Isn’t it natural that soon Artificial Intelligence (AI) would steal jobs from soldiers?  We all know that AI had beaten best Chess and Go players at their games.  We also know that AI also had beaten best video gamers in video games.  This means the responsiveness and the intelligence parts of the AI could be used in war scenarios to outdo the human counterparts.

I won’t be surprised to see the future where many wars would deploy AI for automation of submarines, tanks, jets, missiles, and so much more.  The video right after the break suggests that China is developing fully automated submarines with AI capability to outdo foes’ submarines and surface ships in a war.


Missile Drones

I just read a headline that said Boeing had patented a drone that could fly and also turn into a submarine.  A drone is like a slow, controllable missile which carries even more missiles.  When a drone could also swim like a submarine, it can be even more lethal since it can go either way, air or water.  If a drone has stealth technology, can fly and swim, it becomes even more lethal than lethal.  Imagine what if a drone can fly just as fast as the fastest missile, with stealth, can fly and swim, how lethal such a drone would become?  I think in the future wars, technology that we are not hearing now will come out.  My puny imagination can already think up how crazy a future war may be if every single missile, rocket, and whatever is a drone.

Triton Submarine To Carry Few Passengers At Depth 36,000 Feet Under The Ocean

According to Engadget, Triton submarine in yellow can travel to the deepest part of the ocean without the fear of getting crush by monstrous ocean pressure.  For the record, the super cool Triton submarine had allowed three passengers explored the deep ocean at 36,000 feet under everything.  From the look of Triton submarine in the video after the break, it is pretty small.  It’s definitely built for few passengers to explore deep ocean at a time.  Perhaps, its small size could also be an advantage for squeezing through narrow areas deep below the ocean, but wouldn’t it be cool if they had already built something much bigger to allow tourists to visit the deepest ocean?  Perhaps, create a submarine that has a restaurant and hotel and giftshop within so everyone can enjoy a good lunch and dinner and the comforts of hotel at 36,000 feet deep?  Don’t say anything, because I’m daydreaming again!

Click on this link to check out a video on Trion Submarine: