Skyrim Mods, Beyond Skyrim Mod (Video)

Although Skyrim was released in November 11, 2011, it’s still very popular with many gamers.  Lately, I got Skyrim fever, and so I played Skyrim a lot.  I’m still playing it a lot!  I’m getting so hook up to Skyrim for few reasons.  The most noticeable reason is that Skyrim’s mod community is so vibrant.  Even now, new mods are still being released for Skyrim.  With so many mods, I feel like my hands are continuously reaching for yummy candies in the candy jar as I keep on adding new mods to my Skyrim customization.  How many mods?  I lost count, but BOSS (a third party open source software/app for Windows which helps in sorting Skyrim mods in proper order so Skyrim won’t crash or error out) tells me that I have around 137 mods so far.  Of course, if I see more cool mods, I’ll add more to my Skyrim customization.  With these mods, my Skyrim gameplay is insanely fun.  From making my character super powerful to extremely gorgeous in term of looking pretty when idle or in battle — to making the whole Skyrim open world looks like a next generation game with all HD textures and glorious HD open landscapes — all is possible when I use these Skyrim mods.

When adding mods for Skyrim, you have two ways of doing this.  Well, at least these two ways are pronounced to me so far.

In the case of you already have Skyrim on Steam, then allowing Steam to manage your mods through Steam’s Skyrim workshop is the easiest way.  Unfortunately, as you getting more mods through Steam’s Skyrim workshop, you might slowly notice that sometimes the mods you get from Steam’s Skyrim workshop might not actually load into your Skyrim’s data folder.  If this is the case, getting the mods in Steam’s Skyrim workshop becomes rather useless and a waste of time since mods won’t load into Skyrim, thus Skyrim won’t be able to receive the benefits of these unloaded mods.

The second way is of course through using Nexus Mod Manager.  With the download and installation of the official Nexus Mod Manager, you can get Skyrim mods from Nexus Mods official website (as easy as clicking the download link of a mod on Nexus Mods official website) rather easily.  When done getting mods from Nexus Mods official website, the next logical step is to run BOSS (you have to download and install the official version of BOSS) from Windows so all of the Skyrim mods will be in proper order.

Before you doing all of these activities for Nexus mods, you must remember to make sure that your Skyrim (root installation) is not in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86).  Instead of having Skyrim (root installation) in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86), you should have Skyrim (root installation) in C:\Games.  If you’re using Steam, just add C:\Games as another Steam Library folder through Steam’s settings, and then tell Steam to install Skyrim in C:\Games Library folder.  After you got Skyrim in C:\Games, you can proceed to install the official Nexus Mod Manager client and BOSS.  After all of that, you have to sign up an account with Nexus Mods official website. (Note:  I don’t have C:\Games folder?  Well, create Games folder in C: Drive, OK?)

Signing up for an account with Nexus Mods official website is free, but you can also pay for a premium account for faster downloading of mods.  Using free account should be suffice in my opinion, but you can support Nexus Mods community by paying for a premium account.  The last step is easy, fire up Nexus Mod Manager, login into Nexus Mods official website through Nexus Mod Manager (because it links to the website whenever you download a mod), and then surf the web (i.e., open up a browser and go to Nexus Mods official website) to Nexus Mods official website for new mods.  Seeing a mod you like on Nexus Mods official website?  Click on the download link, and Nexus Mod Manager will recognize the action — the mod will be downloaded for you.  Fire up BOSS, and then fire up Skyrim to see the mod is behaving to your taste or not.

By the way, before Skyrim and its mods, I have no experiencing in applying mods to any game.  By playing around with Skyrim mods, suddenly the whole new side of video game world is opening up for me.  Before, I just played the vanilla video games.  Now, I just love to have more mods for my video games.  With mods, I can make the games behave the way I fantasize.  From what I’ve heard and if I’m not wrong, the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition game title will also allow modders to create mods for it.  The developers for Dragon Age: Inquisition game title tout that this game will be the next gen game.  They released the trailer teaser on YouTube for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the trailer shows the gorgeous graphics that the game got.  Imagine how Dragon Age: Inquisition will be like Skyrim in term of developing mods, the so called next gen Dragon Age: Inquisition will be even more next next gen, right?

Anyhow, check out the upcoming cool mod for Skyrim known as Beyond Skyrim in the YouTube video right after the break.  The video speaker said that the full mod will come out in summer of 2014.  I’m so exciting about this mod!  Whenever it comes out, I’m definitely going to add it to my Skyrim customization.  For now, please enjoy the video right after the break!

Sold Out Next Gen Gaming Consoles Let Me Found My Sanity Again

I’m a fan of gaming, not of a specific gaming platform!  Furthermore, I’m a sort of gaming fans that require the graphics to be as best as graphics can be.  This means, I expect of nothing less than the next stellar gaming graphics, and I want the next latest games to have better graphics than the last games.  Sure, the plots, gameplay, character empathy, in-game rewarding system, and other major features that many good games should have are all very important, but without good graphics and great arts such games would be mediocre to me.  Of course, you can argue that should the gameplay matter most?  How about a game plot should shine most?  Of course, there will be some addictive elements that will stand out most for a good game, but my preference for a good game is usually graphics first… there will be some exceptions though but those occasions are rare and so it’s safe to say I want great gaming graphics, always.

It’s no surprise that for the reason of great gaming graphics alone that I only see myself playing more of PC games (fyi… even with PS4 and Xbox One, games on these consoles won’t be able to match the great gaming graphics experience with games on PCs that have mid-range to high end graphic cards).  I have had PS3 and Xbox 360 for years, but I’ve rarely touched them.  Safely to say, I had not touched my PS3 and Xbox 360 for months.  Instead of playing games on consoles, I found myself login to Steam, Uplay, and Origin on a daily basis.  Furthermore, Steam has been the gaming platform where I giddily scour for great games on sale, on an alarming, addictive, frequent basis.  Such a behavior has contributed to my spending money on PC games that I may not have time to play at all since finishing a single game is already a time consuming act.  Nonetheless, I’ve to say that I don’t think I will be able to own so many games if I buy games for consoles since the games for consoles don’t easily go on sale.  Also, games for consoles don’t go on sale as frequent as Steam!

Although I’m not exactly a hardcore gamer, but I do play games a lot, therefore I thought the arrivals of the next generation gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One would surely have me running for becoming the first fews to get ’em kind of things.  I usually loved it when I got it right, but this time I felt bad as I saw myself walked into Best Buy and asked if they got PS4 or Xbox One available (even though I’m a PC gamer).  To my relief and anguish at the same time as I swallowed the words “sold out” as the  Best Buy representative proudly let out.  I found a relief in this as I knew I only drooled over PS4 and Xbox One for their novelty, but whenever I got over the novelty of ’em all I probably would not hesitate to allow the consoles to be untouched, unloved and covered in dusts — wasting little money I have had away.  The anguish feeling I found in all of this confirmed that I was too just loving to be materialistic for new toys.  Nonetheless, I have to say thanks to the sold out problem that the new consoles are experiencing, I probably will stay away from ’em next generation consoles for a long long time, because after-all I’m a PC gamer.  Without being able to get my hands on the next generation gaming consoles at a whim of my desires, I found my sanity again!  Perhaps?

Desires and temptations are the fruits of all evils, but I’m only a mortal!  Let’s get the game on!!!

X Rebirth Gameplay Episode 01

Check out X-Rebirth gameplay episode 01 in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Path of Exile (Free To Play Game), Shadow Class, Level 1-7

I was browsing around Steam and found Path of Exile (a free to play game).  See me play it in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Episode 01

Yesterday, the video game “Batman:  Arkham Origins,” PC version, just came out on Steam.  I bought it without thinking twice.  Somewhat regretting afterward since I hate buying new release games, because new release games usually come with hefty price tags.  Plus Steam usually goes on sale a lot!  So the obvious thing to do for me is to wait for Steam to go on sale and grab the games that I think I like to play most.  In the case of “Batman:  Arkham Origins,” I got impatient since I was a big fan of Batman in my childhood and teen days.  I was eager to see how awesome this title would be.  I have to say, the game isn’t a complete disappointment.  I had only played it for 30 minutes or so, and so I couldn’t say how much I would like it or hate it with certainty.  Nonetheless, the first 30 minutes or so wasn’t boring, but it was not as exciting as I would have like.

The combat of this game is limited but fluid.  For some strange reasons that I can’t explain, I’m not that impress with the graphics of this game.  Before the game got released, I thought that this game would have way better graphics.  Nonetheless, comparing this one to the previous Batman’s title, “Batman:  Arkham City,” the graphics for this one might just be a tad better.  I remembered I adored the graphics and the gameplay of “Batman:  Arkham City.”  Perhaps, from what I had seen with “Batman:  Arkham City” that had me overexcited about “Batman:  Arkham Origins.”  In this very title, “Batman:  Arkham Origins,” I got so annoyed whenever I saw the contrast of the characters’ robotic facial expressions and their animated lips.  This contrast revealed the oddity of the unnatural facial expressions, furthermore proving how inhuman-like these game characters at time could be.  Obviously, a game is a game, it’s not supposed to be real, but isn’t the whole goal of Batman is to make fantasy acceptable and human-like?  Well, at least that is how I see it.  Check out Batman:  Arkham Origins gameplay episode 01 right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Side Note:  Whoever is using older Nvidia driver for Nvidia graphic card, whatever model that would be, you might experience crashes when playing “Batman:  Arkham Origins.”  I suggest you go to Nvidia’s official website and download the latest Nvidia driver for your Nvidia graphic card.  This had helped me from seeing crashes when playing “Batman:  Arkham Origins.”

Metro: Last Light Gameplay Episode 12

Just another Metro:  Last Light gameplay episode.  Enjoy!!!