Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm – 4v4 Multiplayer Gameplay (Replay – 3/25/2013)

Just a 4v4 Starcraft 2 multiplayer gameplay.  I played as DrunkenJoe.  It’s funny though, I had seen other players ridiculed my nick on Blizzard as they thought my nick would suggest that I’m a big drinker.  In fact, I chose my nick as DrunkenJoe so it could almost sound like Jackie Chan’s movie title “Drunken Master.”  Anyhow, I hope you will enjoy the video!

Starcraft 2 (Season 1): Wings of Liberty Gameplay Episode 01

Starcraft 2’s Hearts of the Swarm just came out as a sequel to Starcraft 2’s Wings of Liberty.  Nonetheless, you won’t see me playing Hearts of the Swarm just yet as I’m trying to film the gameplay for Wings of Liberty campaign mode from the beginning to end.  When I’m done with Wings of Liberty, I’ll try to do the same for Hearts of the Swarm.  Check out Starcraft 2’s Wings of Liberty episode 01 right after the break.  Enjoy!!!