Star Trek Online Gameplay Episode 1

My first episode of gameplay for Star Trek Online.  Enjoy!!!

Star Trek Online Is Now Free To Play

English: Star Trek Original Series title letters.

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According to MSNBC video (Video: ‘Star Trek Online’ is now free), I guess Star Trek Online is now allowing people to play for free.  Why guessing?  I haven’t heard of this game till today, therefore I don’t know much of it.  Nonetheless, I have become a big fan of Star Trek just recently since I have been watching the original Star Trek in the past few days on Netflix, and it’s still an ongoing thing for me.  I’m having a blast with the original Star Trek show!  Now, after hearing of Star Trek Online game, I think I might try it out sooner or later.  I might have to do a review for it too.  The best thing of all is that I don’t have to pay to play Star Trek Online since it’s now going free!  MSNBC video (Video: ‘Star Trek Online’ is now free) suggests there will be paid players still, therefore there might be some restrictions in game for free players.  Hopefully, such restrictions won’t be a show stopper, but I won’t know until I try it out.  You know?

You can know more of Star Trek Online before trying it out by reading about it on Wikipedia.  The link to Wikipedia’s Star Trek Online article is