Just A Suggestion On What We Should Aim For When Traveling To Another Galaxy

I’m no geek in space stuffs, but I like to watch Star Trek TV shows and movies sometimes.  Anyhow, whenever I see Star Trek’s spaceship such as the Enterprise, I dream that I could be on one.  In my opinion, space faring is very cool.

In reality, we can’t travel anywhere far away from our planet earth yet.  Sure, we can send robotic crafts to a distant planet, but such a planet would still be within our solar system.  Perhaps, making as far as the edge of our solar system is already a great achievement in our time.

Talking about space faring to a hospitable planet which resides in another galaxy is totally a fantasy still.  How come?  According to the Internet, the closest galaxy is like 25,000 light-years away.  Our human civilization might already be extinct by then if we’re not careful.

Traveling to another galaxy requires technology which we can only fantasize at the moment.  Warping in space is one of such technologies.  Another one is using a wormhole to take a shortcut in space.  These technologies require immense energy, and our current technologies are in no way near in having such advancements.

Nonetheless, if one day we can harness immense energy and know how to utilize such energy, I like to suggest that we should not build a spaceship like the Enterprise.  How come?  Such a spaceship is too small and not sustainable for generations of space faring creatures.

I think we should create a spaceship that is immense in size and has similar shape to earth.  Such a craft should be at least 1/3 of the earth size, because such a huge craft can sustain artificial ecosystems that are similar to earth.  This way, generations of space faring creatures can survive and thrive for a long time — making our way to another galaxy should be doable by then.

Such a craft may need a technology to harness the stars, and making such stars as if they’re the gas stations in space.  Warp and wormhole technologies are the must have technologies, because these technologies could aid in speeding up the journey to another galaxy.  Anyhow, as the human race advances, we may be able to see the children of much later generations to take on such a bold adventure — traveling to another galaxy.

Master of Orion Early Access Gameplay Episode 1 (4K – PC)

I’m checking out Master of Orion.  This game is still in early access stage, and so many features are not yet made available such as new races and whatnot.  The game isn’t too buggy, and so I’m able to play without any crash.  I’m playing this game in 4K resolution.

Eve Online Odyssey Gameplay – After the Seven (2 of 5) Company Mission

In this video, I’m doing a short mission which is obtainable from the AI.  This mission is known as After the Seven (2 of 5) Company.  Anyhow, I was away from Eve Online for a year or so, plus I was not a dedicated Eve Online player before, and so I’m still very new to Eve Online.  Now I’m back with Eve Online, but this time I get to play Eve Online Odyssey since this is the latest version/iteration of Eve Online.  I hope you will enjoy my short Eve Online mission in this video.  Perhaps, only this video that I will go over few basic mechanics of Eve Online, because new Eve players might watch this very video.  In the future, I will not go over the basic mechanics at all and just play the game.