Homeworld 1 (Remastered Collection) Gameplay Episode 8 – Super Nova Station

Just another episode of my gameplay for Homeworld Remastered Collection (on PC).  Enjoy!!!

Eve Online (Proteus) Gameplay – Rumble With Few Level 2 Security Missions

In this episode, I’m flying a Gila and doing some level 2 security missions in Eve Online (Proteus expansion).  Enjoy!!!

What About Elite: Dangerous?

Are you a fan of space video games?  Although video games that involves space are conveniently categorized into a space video game genre, but you can always break the space video game genre down much further.  For an example, there is space combat simulation genre.  Anyhow, people who are familiar with space video games probably have heard of Eve Online (PC) video game by now, and these folks usually use Eve Online video game as a sort of benchmark for space video games that will come out.  I’ve already seen people are comparing Eve Online against a latest iteration of Elite space video game known as Elite: Dangerous.  Nonetheless, Elite: Dangerous does not go by subscription payment structure and is still in beta.

Basically, Elite: Dangerous does have many gameplay elements that are similar to Eve Online, but in a way it’s more hands-on than Eve Online since gamers do have the ability to steer spaceships manually when playing Elite: Dangerous.  Elite: Dangerous’s Beta is available for anyone right now, but you have to pay $75 or so to get to participate in Elite: Dangerous beta.  Obviously, once you’ve purchased the beta, you basically own the future Elite: Dangerous’s official game release.  Nonetheless, the developers of Elite: Dangerous video game intend to charge you for future downloadable contents, but of course you can play the game without updating it and incur no further charges.

By the way, Elite: Dangerous does have multiplayer element, and so depending on how you want to play Elite: Dangerous, you can always get into a dogfight against another human gamer.  Check out the trailer for Elite: Dangerous right after the break.  Enjoy!!!