Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Mars Looks Really Cool

I never have had a Bluetooth speaker before, but I wish I’m having Mars after I see how a Bluetooth speaker can levitate so cool.  Now, if they give Mars an AI (artificial intelligence), this should be doubly cool.  Anyhow, check out the coolness of a levitated Bluetooth speaker known as Mars by Crazybaby right after the break.  Enjoy!

New Music Single “Space Cowboy” By Vinh Nguyen

Just releasing a brand new single “Space Cowboy.”  You can check it out at CDBaby.com and Soundcloud.com.  On my music blog (VinhCanDoMusic.com), you can also listen to this soundtrack for free for limited time.


Music Single “Darkness” by Vinh Nguyen

Check out my new music single “Darkness.”  You can download this on CDBaby.com.  In few more days, this new single will also be available throughout many online music services such as Spotify.  Furthermore, you can listen to “Darkness” on my music blog (VinhCanDoMusic.com) for free for limited time.  If you like this single, please tell people you know about it.  Thanks!


New Music Single “Living It Up” By Vinh Nguyen

I just released a brand new music single “Living It Up,” and you can download it at CDBaby.com.  By visiting my music blog, VinhCanDoMusic.com, you can listen to this song for free for limited time.  Very soon, this song is also going to be available on music streaming services such as Spotify.  I hope you guys will check it out.  Thanks.

Living It Up Music Cover Art By Vinh Nguyen


Break Out (Music by Vinh Nguyen)

I just released a brand new single “Break Out.”  You can download it at CDBaby.com for $0.99 a download.  Meanwhile, you can visit my music blog, VinhCanDoMusic.com, to listen to “Break Out” for free for a limited time.  In few days more or so, “Break Out” will be available in various online music stores and services.  Enjoy!!!

Break Out Music Cover Art Pix 1