Jean-Claude Van Johnson Rocks Hard

I did a quick review of Jean-Claude Van Johnson series on Amazon, and the review below is a copy of that.  Anyhow, I hope you don’t fault me for grammatical error and such as I was writing it in a haste.  Enjoy!

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Two episodes in and I love it.  I saw this series on Amazon a few times when I browsed for other movies and shows, but I always skipped this one as I thought oh come on J.C.?  I watched Bloodsport so long ago I hardly remember any detail of this movie, but because of Bloodsport, I have always known who J.C. is.  Nonetheless, I couldn’t remember why I stopped watching his other movies, and he is definitely much older now.  I guess I skipped Jean-Claude Van Johnson series because I thought J.C. was just being the old J.C., but I was so wrong.  After watching Jean-Claude Van Johnson, I don’t care if J.C. is being old or new J.C. because this series rocks hard.  J.C. also makes fun of himself in the series and that is making the series a lot more fun than it could have been.  His acting is pretty good in this series, and now I still don’t know why I watched so few of his older movies.  I recommend this series to anyone who wants to reminisce the past a bit but I assure you that J.C. is rocking hard in this new series and you may love it a lot.

The Legend of Korra, The Video Game First Look

A new game?  According to Wikipedia, The Legend of Korra is an American animated sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I know only that much about The Legend of Korra the TV show.  I’d watched the whole animated Avatar: The Last Airbender TV show before, and so I’m surprised at myself of not knowing anything about The Legend of Korra.  Amazingly, The Legend of Korra, the video game, will come out in October 22, 2014 for video game consoles and PC.  From the first look of the arts, The Legend of Korra video game is surprising familiar, because in my opinion it does look similar to Naruto Shippuden video game series (the latest is Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution).  Regardless of the game arts, I’m more interested in the gameplay and the story of The Legend of Korra.  Can’t wait for it to be released.  Anyhow, take a first look at the Legend of Korra video game right after the break.  Enjoy!!!