Short Film: Dust (Beautifully Crafted Sci-fi Short Film)

Check out a very beautiful, short, science fiction film “Dust” from Ember Lab on Vimeo below.  In short, it took nine years, $100,000 crowdfunding, and now it’s available for everyone to watch for free on Vimeo.  I watched it, and the 25 minutes short film is actually enjoyable.  Unfortunately, it’s too short, and so the ending ends abruptly in my opinion.  (source:  seeing it first on Vox by Aja Romano)

Unity Adam Demonstration Short Film Shows Amazing Real Time Graphics Rendering By Unity Game Engine

Unity, the latest Unity’s game engine iteration perhaps or I could be wrong, shows how powerful it is to be able to render super high quality graphics in real time, and the result can be seen in the a short film right after the break.  Unity is a game engine, and the personal edition is freely available for downloading.  You have to pay if you want the professional edition.

Open Source Blender Shines In Science Fiction “Tears Of Steel” Short Film

Blender Tutorial

Blender Tutorial (Photo credit: jcsizmadi)

Seen “Tears Of Steel” on Gizmodo first, couldn’t resist to embed it here on Essayboard.  This short film reconfirms the power of Open Source software.  Open Source software such as Apache, MySQL, Ubuntu, CentOS, and various others do make big differences for many computer users around the world.  This time, Open Source Blender software is under the spotlight.  Short film “Tears Of Steel” was a Blender project and realized by group of people who used crowd-funding power to make it happened.  Although the project wasn’t anywhere near Hollywood budget, but the short film shines with Open Source Blender software.  Watching short film like this does inspire me to take a look at Blender again.  Blender is free to download and use!  Anyhow, enough with my gibberish, you should check out the the short film “Tears of Steel” right after the break.  You can read the official description of the video on YouTube.  To go directly to YouTube to watch the video, just click on the YouTube logo which appears on the bottom right of the video.

Afterthought:  This is why PC isn’t dead, because as now the only way to create beautiful work such as “Tears of Steel” has to be on PC still.  Will this change?  Don’t know, but PC is still here.  With PC, normal people (i.e., not the professionals) have the power to be inspired.  So, tablet and smartphone form factors are only going to make PC even more popular; these small form factors define the obvious differences between on-the-go devices and powerful stationary devices.  Anyhow, be inspired and long live the PC!  I won’t say this if one day a small sugar cube like form factor can transform into full sized hologram PC…


What About Blender? It’s Free, But Powerful Enough To Let You Work On Your Very Own Premium 3D Animation Projects!

English: artwork for the Durian-Project of the...

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I know this is old news, but I like to rant on anyway!  With Blender, you don’t really have to pay for super, super expensive 3D animation software to be able to create great 3D animated art works and films.  If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is just take a glimpse at various snapshots of famous works by various companies in the short film clip right after the break.  The snapshots of various beautifully crafted 3D artworks and films were essentially, carefully pieced together in a short film clip to show how far a free but powerful 3D animation software known as Blender has progressed.  Watching the film clip, one would have thought that the works within might have been created by some super expensive 3D animation software.  You can check out this very film clip right after the break.

Convinced?  If so, you might have wondering why on earth people are still paying for super expensive 3D animation software, right?  Well, I think it’s depending on how one perceives his or her favorite brand.  Actually, not to put it so blandly, it’s probably more about how one would be able to use a specific 3D animation software in the most effective and efficient manner.  One example among many would be to create a short 3D animation work for an advertisement film clip in a very short period of timeframe but yet the quality of the work must not feel rush.

So, perhaps we cannot really compare one superb 3D animation software against another just as superb.  Nonetheless, we can always look at what available special features that are uniquely belong to a specific 3D animation software and make a determination on why one should go learn, buy, and use such a specific 3D animation software.  Luckily, Blender provides enough amazing features that are capable in allowing so many people to take up Blender and create great 3D artworks and animated films.  Best of all, Blender is free of charge.  What do you think of Blender?

Personal note:  I too might have to take up Blender when I have more spare time.  By saying this, I mean I want to learn how to use Blender soon enough.  Obviously, the video above has stimulated my ambition in exaggerating my imagination in 3D.

YouTube’s Your Film Festival Promises $500,000 Reward And To Work With Ridley Scott

Cropped image from this file. Ridley Scott in ...

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Do you have a story to tell?  Well, if you do and don’t mind to have it films under 15 minutes, you might be a perfect candidate for entering YouTube’s Your Film Festival.  The short film will be watched and voted by millions of people.  The winner will go on to win $500,000 and work with Ridley Scott to produce a new film using the storyline of the short film.  The new film might be released on the big screen.  You have until March 31st to create your short film under 15 minutes and enter the contest.  This June, the voting will begin for the best short film under 15 minutes, and YouTube promises the world will be watching.  If you have the inner creative talent which begs to explode onto the world stage, I guess this is one of those chances you should not pass up.  So, take up the challenge and it might be fun!