Belkin Slashes 50% Off Of All Products Temporarily If You Use Correct Code

Might this post going to slow down Belkin’s official website even more?  Gizmodo reports that from today till September 30, you can get 50% off of all products that you buy at Belkin’s official website.  The trick is to use the code “FB50” before you hit whatever button that ultimately allows Belkin to process your orders accordingly.  So, right now I can’t surf Belkin’s official website since it’s so sluggish for me.  I bet there are droves of people visiting Belkin’s official website at the moment for awesome deals!


British Supermarket Sainsbury Tests Shopping Carts That Can Solar Charge iPads

British supermarket chain Sainsbury to attract more customers in the very near future if the deciders of the chain give the go ahead to allow new shopping carts with solar power chargers and iPad dockers  to be used freely by customers.   Customers can walk miles in their shoes inside the chain stores without worrying about iPads with empty batteries, because the carts use solar power to ensure that will never happen.  Customers just have to bring their own iPads and dock them onto the shopping carts, but will this behavior encourage broken, gone missing, and stolen iPads?

I think the solar cells on the carts might work with artificial light too, that’s why iPad might be able to stay on full for a long time, if not forever.  How I know this?  I’ve a keyboard that stays on full forever without seeing the daylight, because the artificial light from the light bulbs of my room is good enough to charge it.  This probably is the same concept for Sainsbury’s carts.

The carts will beep if customers are not careful and about to hit other carts.  That feature is somewhat helpful and not, because it might encourage customers to have their heads and eyes down, fixating on the iPads more, and their reactions might be too slow to stop certain collisions even though the beeps of the carts go off.

Now I’m hoping to see something like this in United States of America’s supermarket chains just for the heck of pimping an iPad while buying foods.  I doubt it will be a pleasant experience since some bastards might hurt me with their carts unintentionally.  That iPad pain in that supermarket will be a story to be told to friends at bars…


South Koreans Use Smart Phones To Buy Groceries Within Subway Stations

South Korean Tesco is reinventing how people shop for groceries online.  Instead of logging onto a computer and staring at small thumbnails of foods to buy groceries, Tesco has Koreans use their smart phones to scan for barcodes off many groceries images that got pasted onto walls of various places (e.g., subway station); foods bought this way could arrive home in the same day, I think!  Tesco uses the Home Plus brand to refer to its new grocery system.  Do you like to see South Korean Tesco’s Home Plus system to be adopted by grocery stores within United States?  Check out the video below to see Tesco’s Home Plus grocery system in action!