Black Ops III’s Prologue For Campaign Gameplay Mode (4K)

Black Ops III just came out today.  I’m playing it now.  Right after the break, you can check out Black Ops III’s prologue to the campaign gameplay mode.  Enjoy!!!

Interstellar Marines Early Access Brief Review (Video Game – Video)

A fan of old school first person shooter games?  Remember Doom?  Well, Doom was very old first person shooter game that came out in 1993, but at that time it was awesome.  Perhaps, it’s still somewhat awesome.  Nonetheless, since Doom is 20 year old game, therefore we need something better than Doom for our time.  Luckily, Zero Point Software has got something just like that.  Zero Point Software is developing a similar to Doom sort of first person shooter game known as Interstellar Marines.  I had paid for an early access to the game, and I love the game so far.  Since it’s an early access, therefore the game is still being developed.  Without being fully developed, Interstellar Marines is with little content.  Still, I find this game is a lot of fun.  Check out my brief review of Interstellar Marines in a video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

PlanetSide 2 – Newbie Gameplay

PlanetSide 2 is a free to play first person shooter video game which you can download it for free in Steam.  It got awesome graphics even though it’s a free to play game.  The gameplay is fun, but of course I’ve seen better.  Nonetheless, if you’re having time to kill and wanting to try out new game, I think PlanetSide 2 won’t be disappointing you.  Anyhow, just in case you want to see a short PlanetSide 2 gameplay, you can check out a short PlanetSide 2 gameplay video I’d made today.  Watch it right after the break.  Enjoy!!!