Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay For PC Episode 23

Just another episode of my gameplay for GTA 5.  Enjoy!!!

Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode Gameplay Episode 02

Just another episode of Battlefield 4 campaign mode gameplay.  Enjoy!!!

Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode Gameplay Episode 01

I’ve heard many good things about Battlefield series, but I’ve never ever played a Battlefield title ever.  “Battlefield 4” has convinced me to join the Battlefield’s fervent gamers.  I’m glad I had decided to play “Battlefield 4.”  Although I’ve only played Battlefield 4’s campaign mode, and I’ve to say that it has impressed me a lot.  Gamers have been religiously professed that Battlefield series’ multiplayer mode is the best, and so I definitely have got to finish up Battlefield 4’s campaign mode fast so I can begin to meddle with Battlefield 4’s multiplayer mode.

Talking about Battlefield 4’s campaign mode, I love it.  Although the story isn’t uniquely glorious, it’s not shabby either.  The graphics are very very good, and I’m not even playing “Battlefield 4” in all high graphics settings.  If you have a very very good graphic card, you can actually turn graphics settings up to ultra settings.  If I’m not wrong, the maximum graphics settings for this game are ultra settings.  Anyhow, the sounds and the graphics for “Battlefield 4” in campaign mode come together very well.  Not a shabby story, great voice acting, great sounds, and extremely good graphics have allowed “Battlefield 4” to push the immersive scale for first person shooter game genre up many many notches.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling about “Battlefield 4,” just check out my Battlefield 4 campaign mode gameplay episode 01 in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

FYI:  I’m playing Battlefield 4 on a PC, hence I’d mentioned about a very very good graphic card for ultra graphics settings.

First Time Playing Counter Strike Global Offensive

I don’t usually like first person shooter games, because the stories that glorify these games are usually just bad.  Nonetheless, I do make an exception in liking any first person shooter game if the game mechanics are excellent.  Basically, I think what makes a great person shooter game is how fun it’s to shoot ’em up in a gameplay, and so good mechanics are definitely the things that attract gamers to play more.  Anyhow, I think Counter Strike Global Offensive, latest version of Counter Strike, is one of those great first person shooter games which falls into the great mechanics camp.  It’s the stuff of addiction, and it won’t let you stop playing it.  Try it out and you know what I mean.

The video right after the break shows me play Counter Strike Global Offensive for the first time ever.  The video also shows that I got killed quite frequently in the gameplay…  showing that I’m not exactly a great gamer when it comes to playing first person shooter game.  Nonetheless, I was surprised to see that even though I got killed very often in a Counter Strike Global Offensive gameplay, somehow I still wanted to play more or to be killed more.  This is why I think Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of those awesome first person shooter games which now I’m a real fan of.  Enjoy the video right after the break!!!