Inside Foxconn iPad Factory Video Shows Nice Working Conditions For Foxconn Employees, But Is This The Truth? It Might Be And It Might Not, Because People Like Us In The West Have Never Even Set A Foot In China!

Česky: Foxconn Pardubice, GPS: 50°1'28.591&quo...

Česky: Foxconn Pardubice, GPS: 50°1'28.591"N, 15°48'12.260"E (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Foxconn has been under scrutinized lately as it is known for manufacturing hot Apple’s products.  We know Foxconn isn’t only manufacturing products for Apple as it is also manufacturing products for other big tech brands such as Amazon (i.e., Kindle).  Nonetheless, many people are seeing Apple as an evil entity as they have believed that Foxconn’s employees are being pushed to piece together certain Apple products (i.e., iPad) under harsh working conditions.  Unfortunately, people like me in the West are definitely not knowing the real truth, whether Foxconn employees are really working under extreme conditions with low wages or vice versa, because the media has reported contradictory stories on Foxconn.  Some news would portrait Foxconn as a hell on earth, and others would praise Foxconn as if Foxconn is the best place to work in China.  Furthermore, videos like the one after the break contradict the stories on how Foxconn has treated their employees badly.

Propaganda or not, I guess we don’t really know the truth of Foxconn’s employee working conditions (i.e., too many contradictory news on Foxconn).  I guess we can only rely on the selected media we like to trust most for the messages on Foxconn’s employee working conditions.  In the end, most of us are the humans who want to be good to other humans, and we definitely wish Foxconn’s employees to have peace and prosper.

I do not really want to write extensively on the topic of why we are so angry to see Foxconn and similar companies in the East take jobs away from Americans.  Why?  I think it’s obvious that exporting jobs has to fall onto the shoulders of the corporations that send jobs to China.  Nobody has actually aimed a gun at the CEOs of such corporations and demanded them to ship jobs oversea, right?  In the end, the reality is all about location, location, location.  Building a product in a wrong location might cost a company a fortune, therefore we see many companies ship jobs over China so the bottom lines can be healthier.

Under the YouTube video above, I encountered a comment that commented how big corporations prefer to ship jobs over China since product turnover rate in general for high tech products nowadays is too fast and so these corporations cannot have everything relies on automatons (i.e., Chinese employees are cheaper this way).  It does sound like employees in countries similar to China are voluntary slave (i.e., willing to work for less wages and benefits), but it’s the reality.  Perhaps, one day when employees in these cheap labor countries get much higher wages, then automatons might be the preferable employees.  What does all of this mean for the employees of the West?  The reality is that I fear employees of the West might never again get to see the heyday of manufacturing.  Even worse, when one day big corporations can employ automatons for all tasks, even the jobs aren’t relating to manufacturing might have to hand over to automatons only.  When automatons get to repair and maintain automatons, it’s game over for the humans’ labor forces.  The question is, what people of the world do when automatons take over all jobs?