What About Gmail’s New Look?

By now, you probably are using Gmail‘s new look already, but if you haven’t yet, then read on.

Gmail is exciting again!  Google has revamped Gmail to make email gorgeous.  Gorgeous new themes, improved search, improved conversation interface, and nicer default layout are waiting for you to activate when you log into your Gmail account.  I’m not sure if this is the manifesto for one to activate the new look of Gmail, but I had to look at the bottom most right corner to see a tiny link which led me to the activation of the new Gmail look.  Then came the whole bunch of new features to put a smile on me.

The new look of Gmail is cleaner and nicer, but I cannot get comfortable with the comfortable layout which was activated by default.  Instead, I choose to be with compact layout which is selectable under Settings.  Settings represents by a gear looking icon near the topmost right corner.  It may be that I have had gotten used to the old Gmail look for so long that now it just feels comfortable for me to use the compact layout.

One thing isn’t change is the annoying ads on the righthand side.  It just makes Gmail looks ugly!  Well, Google has to make money somehow, and I don’t blame them for having ads on the righthand side.  Sometimes, it’s better to have the cake and not to be able to eat it.  This is one of the case, and I’m not complaining!  I’m just saying!

Sure, there are couple new HD themes I think, but I still feel Google has not rolled out enough themes!  I love to see Google rolls out a lot more themes so I won’t be bored by looking at few themes over and over again.  I think themes are just as important as everything else within Gmail.  Themes can morph to fit my mood of the day!

Microsoft’s Bing Bleeds Money Each Quarter While Trying To Outdo Google

I’m glad that the Internet has a challenger for Google in relation to search engine, and the challenger is Bing.  Perhaps, with one challenger isn’t enough, because the more the better for everyone, including the challengers themselves.  With more challengers participate in the same competitive war, the ultimate winners have to be the users.  In fact, search engine users already see some of the benefits by having Bing as the underdog.  How?  Bing is refusing to back down and hacking away solution after solution, trying to topple Google’s search engine.  One thing for sure though, Bing’s folks are determining to change the search game in a major way.  Perhaps, Bing tries to outdo Google by improving the search process such as making it more intuitive, pleasurable, and faster.

Let imagine if Bing decides to shame Google once and for all by allowing users to be able to search for anything in 3D?  How about using augment reality to search for whatever.  Imagine if one is trying to search for a Taj Mahal photo and able to use augment reality in combination with 3D, possibly allowing a user with special computing equipments to emerge inside a Taj Mahal image as if one is really standing there; when one wants to learn more of Taj Mahal, one can then click on a link inside that immersive graphic environment to read more of Taj Mahal.

Obviously, Bing might never do those things, because the things that I imagined Bing should do (e.g., augment reality, 3D) might be too unnecessary, irrelevant, too advance, and expensive.  Nonetheless, it shows that as long a search market has an underdog as Microsoft, one can expect many good things to come for search in general — Microsoft sure has the cash to bleed and experiment.  As now, CNN reports Microsoft is bleeding around $1 billion per quarter in relation to Bing.  It’s a surprise though, because Bing is gaining search market share against Google.

Source:  http://money.cnn.com/2011/09/20/technology/microsoft_bing/

Instant Search Is The Fashion

Searching on Google does feel more modern than on Bing!  Why?  Instant search does the trick!  Sometimes, I think it’s not only the functionality of a product is important, but how the product makes the end users feel!  Feeling is important!  Humans are wired to feel!  Without the senses, humans are mere robots!

Google Search has up the ante by allowing people to feel important!  Whatever they type inside Google Search, the results return to them immediately.  People feel the speed even though the speed is not even there!  I believe when you type something inside other search engines, hit enter, and you get the results just as fast!  Unfortunate for other search engines, Google knows how to make people feel great by presenting the search results as they type in their search terms.  Take note that even a person has not finished a search term, with adequate letters in the search term, Google Search spits back immediate results even for the incomplete search term.  With such a gimmick, Google Search feels faster!

Google Search is not only a search product, but it’s a fashion!  Comparing that to the clothes we wear isn’t too far-fetched, because what we like will be fashionable!  Google knows how to make its search engine feels modernizer than other so called modernize search engines by being more fashionable!  Bing Search should not overlook anything when they know Google will do anything to retain its position as the leader and the king of the search world!  Source.

Google Updates Results Dynamically

Google is testing and probably will make a new feature permanently of allowing results to be updated instantly while you’re typing in search keywords.