Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What Our Future With Glass Might Be?

A Day Made of Glass (玻璃打造的未來生活)

A Day Made of Glass (玻璃打造的未來生活) (Photo credit: Mr.850)

It was not hard to see why Forbes reported Corning’s “A Day Made Of Glass” first video had attracted at least 17 million views on YouTube.  It was a well made video which depicted a highly futuristic lifestyle evolved around glass.  According to Forbes, Corning, 160 year old glass company, wanted their customers and future prospects to the see the potential for applying highly engineered glass futuristically in daily lives.

Corning’s “A Day Made Of Glass” second video showed the potential of highly engineered glass to be expanded to schools, hospitals, and even parks.   So a wall of a school might suddenly be turned into interactive display by the application of glass, but at first look the wall might not resemble something that had been made by glass.  Some glass were engineered to be thin and plastic like, allowing children to effortlessly carrying them around for the purposes of computing, learning, playing games, and augmenting the reality.  Inside the hospitals, doctors would use glass to examine patient records and past illness history on site while patients might be under emergency care.

The futuristic scenarios that depicted people would constantly interact with glass to enhance their lives might not be too farfetched. As now we already have such capability in producing similar things.  Tablets and smartphones keep on getting smaller, thinner, and more powerful.  At CES 2012, Samsung revealed its smart transparent window which allowed passersby to check information on weather and close a virtual blind.  Check out Corning’s “A Day Made Of Glass” videos right after the break.

Source:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/elizabethwoyke/2012/02/03/corning-hopes-for-another-viral-hit-with-sequel-to-its-a-day-made-of-glass-video/

Samsung Flexible AMOLED Touts 3D, Bendable Tablet Size Touchscreen Device; As If It’s A Thin See Through Plastic Paper

I come to love Apple for one reason, their products make me feel good.  Yes, just like that.  If you want more, I’ll tell you more.  Apple products emphasize simplicity within exquisite designs.  So, when you hold a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air in your hand, the logo shines on the back, the curvature of the machine, and the feel of its metal, all of it speaks to me beautifully.  On the software side, it’s solid until Mac OS X Lion gives my MacBook Pro few hiccups, but Apple went extra mile in helping me out by fixing my machine at zero cost to me even though my one year manufacturer warranty had expired.  OK, it wasn’t as if Apple was being super nice, but it is more of how the logic board of mid 2010 MacBook Pro has had real issues with Mac OS X Lion.  After the fix, I once again vouch for Apple products.  Great customer service speaks volumes, I guess.

I guess we have great Apple products thanks to Steve Jobs great insights.  He knew how to push his company to develop things that speak to customers beautifully.  Since his passing, I fear Apple may not be able pushing for things that speak to customers beautifully.  Great innovation and great insight are the two things that I think a tech company must always thrive for.  Oh, let not forget about great customer service too, and this would apply for all businesses.  Anyhow, lately, I keep hearing how Apple blocks Samsung from selling Samsung tablets in several countries, and I start to think that Apple might have spending too much time on patent wars and not enough time on coming up with great innovations and bringing about great insights.  But what do I know since it’s clearly that I’m not working for Apple and I’m not the innovator, the engineer, or having any caliber of that sorts.

Speaking of Samsung, this company is being sued by Apple on the matter of iPad infringement on one hand, and on the other hand Samsung goes ahead by working on their futuristic bendable devices, hoping to have it be released sooner than later.  I should say Samsung is working on a bendable tablet.  The video right after the break shows how awesome bendable tablet could be.

Have you seen the video above?  I think it’s amazing!  If Samsung is able to make this product a reality sooner than later, I think Samsung will have something that Apple wishes it would be the one who has had it first.  The feeling of carrying something as light as a piece of paper (I hope it would be as light as a piece of paper, but what do I know), 3D display or holographic capability, invisible speakers as how a commenter commented under the YouTube video above, and powerful as a small netbook or a sizable laptop — is simply breathtaking.  Now, let add the bendable attribute into the whole shebang, and you got the winner.  Another interesting point brought up by another commenter who had commented under the YouTube video above — How about the battery, how are they going to tuck that away?

Sure, Samsung Flexible AMOLED or should I say bendable tablet might face the same obstacles as iPad 2 of today, but it does have more of the same goodness and than more of goodness than what iPad 2 or all other tablets of today have already been carried.  One obstacle comes to mind right away is that typing on whatever surface without a real keyboard feeling is just plain suck.  Perhaps iPad 2 will soon have a winner in regarding to real feeling keyboard through a Kickstarter project Touchfire, but I have to wonder will there be something similar or better for Samsung Flexible AMOLED (assuming Samsung Flexible AMOLED will come true).  I have seen some bendable concept devices through various online videos that tout bendable attribute as a great feature for manipulating features on such devices, but I sure hope Samsung isn’t going down such route with their touchable Samsung Flexible AMOLED.  To me, I think I like the idea of how bendable devices could be less prone to breakage, therefore providing somewhat greater invincibility to devices’ durableness.  Let backtrack just a tad, bending to manipulate features on device seems to me a lot more work than touching.

In summary, I like Apple now, but can I say the same few years later if Apple lets other zooms by?  Samsung seems to head in the right direction as I like how they try to develop a bendable tablet size device with multitouch capability.  I could be wrong about the multitouch capability, because I did not see pinch to zoom and similar features in the YouTube video above.  I just assume that the video has someone touches the screen with one finger is somehow inferring that multitouch is also possible on such a device.  I guess time will tell.  For now, let us dream about how soon Samsung Flexible AMOLED would come true.

Source:  http://www.engadget.com/2011/12/05/samsung-teases-flexible-transparent-display-in-concept-video/,

Samsung Releases NC215 Solar Netbook, Using Sunlight As Energy For Battery Which Can Last For 15 Hours

According to BusinessDailyAfrica.com, Samsung has targeted Kenya’s market for its newest product NC215 solar netbook.  BusinessDailyAfrica reported that there are too many Kenyans who do not have access to electricity, because these Kenyans largely live in rural area and Kenya has a very large rural population in total.  Samsung NC215 solar netbook can be charged by using the sunlight, and so it’s a perfect kind of computer for the Kenyans who do not have access to electricity.

Samsung NC215 solar netbook is probably the first ever solar computer, and the solar panel attaches to the front of the NC215 netbook’s lid.  The solar panel is beautifully encapsulated inside the front of the NC215 netbook’s lid.  Once the battery is charged with the solar panel lid, the NC215 netbook can stay on for 15 hours.  It’s unclear if that amount of battery time will be the case when NC215 solar netbook is under intensive usage.

Besides having solar panel lid, NC215 netbook has 1.3 GHz Intel ATOM Processor N570, 2 processors in total, 802.11bg/n WiFI, 10/100 LAN, BT V3.0 High Speed, Windows 7 Starter, 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, 250 GB 5400 rpm HDD, 10.2 inches length, 7.07 inches width, 0.93 inches height, and 2.87 pounds weight.  As you can see this netbook isn’t meant to be powerful, but it is definitely something one can use on a long travel trip that requires charging the netbook the traditional way less.  Of course, it can also be charged the traditional way through a power outlet with a power adapter and cord.

Samsung NC215 netbook is currently listed for $396.29 on Amazon as I’m writing this piece.  Perhaps when you read this, the price might be the same or lower.  It’s unclear about the quality of NC215 netbook since I don’t have it on hand to test it.  Nevertheless, the idea of having a solar netbook is very cool to me.  Here I thought more brands should already have something like this on the market already, but I guess Samsung leads the way and others will follow.  I certainly hope Apple will do the same since I’ve been using many Apple’s products.

I’ve found a video on YouTube that unbox Samsung NC215 solar netbook.  Why don’t you take a peek at the video right after the break.

Source:  http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/Samsung+targets+rural+folks+with+

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 To Shame iPad 2?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the first tablet which has Super AMOLED Plus.  Super AMOLED Plus allows the 7.7 inch screen of this tablet to show better pictures than otherwise.  It’s a dual core 1.4 Gigahertz processor.  It’s lighter than its previous cousin which is the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Samsung has packed this tablet with 5100mAh battery, allowing the tablet to last around 10 hours under heavy intensive usage.  Android 3.2 Honeycomb is the operating system of choice for this tablet.

As of now, Samsung isn’t yet announcing the price for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.  If Samsung prices this tablet too high, then it will not be able to compete against iPad 2.  People don’t mind about having less features and capabilities on their tablets as long the price is right.  To clarify though, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 does have more capabilities and features than iPad 2 in a way that it touts Super AMOLED Plus screen, smaller in size if you like a smaller tablet, and so on.  Too bad it does not have quad core processor yet since the future tablets should have quad core processors for smoother gaming.

HP TouchPad is the testament to the price is right.  After HP announced that it will get out of hardware business, it slashed the price for HP TouchPad to roughly around $99 at some stores, and every last one of HP TouchPad was sold out.  HP even announced lately that it will make more of HP TouchPad even though it had announced to not invest in hardware business any further.

I can see Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 to overtake iPad 2 if the price is right.  Anyhow, check out the videos of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 right after the break.