AI Empowered Robots Debate Each Other in Rise 2017 Tech Conference Which Took Place in Hong Kong

Machine learning and current deep learning technology have allowed robots to be wiser than ever before, because the artificial intelligence within them is more advance.  Obviously, these robots were fed with huge amount of data so they could form logic according to their programmed algorithms.  So, in a way these robots with the help of current artificial intelligence could not become self-aware or self-conscious.  Meaning that when these robots are in unsupervised state, they could not form out of the box ideas and logics.  For an example, if an algorithm that directs the robot’s behavior reaches a limit, the robot could not form logic outside the limitation of such an algorithm.

You could argue humans are that way too, but at least humans could think out of the box or form new free-will or create a solution from a point where data isn’t readily available.  Even though humans could make big mistakes in such a situation, but with the right instinct and past experiences, even though without enough data for a current, never happened before event humans still could come up with a correct solution for the challenge.  I don’t think robots with current artificial intelligence could do something like this just yet.

Never say never though, because once robots with an even more advance artificial intelligence may eventually require no data to function in any situation, reaching humanity level and perhaps may even surpass humanity altogether.  If there is God, I wonder God would think one day humans, although a fish in a fish tank, yet could see God with their own naked eyes whenever wherever they choose.  Perhaps, current AI empowered robots are the fish in the fish tank, but one day they would see eye to eye with humans.  Check out the video right after the break to see two different AI empowered robots debate each other on various topics.  Enjoy!

Asia’s First, If Not The World’s First, Fully Automated Container Terminal In Port Of Qingdao, China

As of late, people all over the world are taking notice how China has become a leader in the port industry.  For an example, in 2016, August 10th, if I got the date right, Chinese shipping group, China Ocean Shipping Company (Cosco), completed the majority purchase of Greece’s Piraeus port.  Since then, Cosco has turned Piraeus into one of the leading ports in the world.  Just now, China is taking its port business into the next level by turning a terminal at Port of Qingdao into a fully automated container terminal.  This means no human involvement is needed on most of the port container activities at this terminal.  Well, you get a better idea if you watch the video right after the break.

As China is continuing to automate its industries, I wonder how will they cope with more unemployment.  On business level though, things will be a lot more efficient in productivities and costs, but at what costs to the traditional social values such as full employment?  Of course, certain traditional social values can always be updated or let go, but employment is one of the things that help put foods on the table for a modern fellow.  Without employment, one would go hungry pretty fast or whatever a bad case that would be.

With roughly 1.4 billion plus population, if I’m not off on the number, China would be in big trouble if so many people won’t be able to find jobs.  Automation will definitely create unemployment problem to be even more acute than ever before.  Right now though, opportunities seem to be abundant in China still, because even some foreigners are leaving their home countries to travel to China for job opportunities.  Nonetheless, once automation becomes evermore prevalent in China, I wonder how the opportunity picture in China would form.  I can see the applications of automation will make China be evermore competitive in many global industries.  In this case it would be all about the port/shipping industry.

Super Sexy Killer Chinese Robot Is Making Waves

Check out a Chinese robot which looks like a real, sexy, beautiful woman.  This sexy robot can also reply to you as if she is a human, and her lips sync with her voice.  I think she got certain machine learning algorithms going for her, but if she goes deep learning then we may see she gets serious.  The cool thing about smart robots is that they can tap into external robotic neural pools/networks and get smart instantly through wireless communication technology, but we humans have to research and learn — and this take time.  If I’m correct, deep learning relies on machine learning to take advantage of powerful machine networks to calculate and self-learn.  If I’m wrong then both of these technologies are totally different from each other.

Perhaps, our pretty robots of today may not have the capability of tapping into such deep learning networks just yet, but the future is certainly bright for such robots.  If deep learning gets so smart to the point of overpowering human intelligence, then we better recognize our new robotic masters!

She is pretty, but can she be dangerous?  Not yet… unless someone updates her in the future and makes her dangerous.  She will be a killer!  Her kung fu on intelligence will step on you like a cockroach.  Check her out in the video right after the break, and don’t die for her beauty.  She’s a killer!

Scarlett Johansson Goes Robotic DIY Style

This guy spent $50,000 to produce his first robot in Do It Yourself kung fu.  I’d read an article on him before, and what I’d read was that he got no proper knowledge for making a robot, but he was a fast learner and persistent thus he was able to make his robot.  The robot, she looks like Scarlett Johansson.  Although her physical movements are still rigid, but her beautiful face is very life like until she tries to wink and smile.  Hopefully, eventually he would be able to smooth out her physical abilities.  Ricky Ma is the guy, and his robot is Scarlett Johansson.  According to the video right after the break, Rick Ma refuses to admit that his robot is Scarlett Johansson though.

Aren’t We Too Eager To Throw Away The New To Make Way For The Newer?

Verschillende handhelds bij elkaar: Game Boy A...

Verschillende handhelds bij elkaar: Game Boy Advance SP (2x), Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Sony PSP en Nokia 6630 Smart Phone. Foto zelf gemaakt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I feel we are too eager to throw away the new to make way for the newer.  The truth is I too have bought into the whole trend, and probably continuing to do so unless one day I wake up to find the world of technology has suddenly got a facelift.  You will know where I’m going with my ramble if you have already owned a smart phone.  Instead of trying to maximize the lifespan of our smart phones, we often decide to buy newer ones since newer ones usually come out with better and more features.  Sometimes, the smart phone designers, manufacturers, developers, promoters are too eager to roll out newer models of smart phone that encourage users to upgrade, therefore we often see smart phones that are working perfectly fine and only a year old or so find their future in the electronic recycling bins and dumpsters.

Perhaps, there isn’t anything wrong with how we are using our electronics today since at least we’re recycling our electronic wastes.  Nonetheless, I’ve often wondered many possible fictional outcomes if we had gone with the electronic usage trend which would partake on allowing the users to only upgrade and modularize their electronics.  Of course, it would not make sense to do this if upgrading and modularizing electronics are much more expensive than otherwise.  Plus, upgrading and modularizing really tiny electronic devices might be possible but rather almost impossible for regular users who just want to have something that works.  Upgrading and modularizing do sound like extra hard work, therefore people might not want to even think about such things.  Nonetheless, what if we do have commercial services that eager to provide upgrade and modularization of electronics for cheap — or at least to make it more affordable than just buying brand new?  We have seen how people love to upgrade their desktops, laptops, but why do most mobile products such as smart phone cannot be modularized?

Besides the reasons such as affordability, we also have concerns about electronic wastes and how electronic wastes might damage our environment and the health of the people who are actually working to get rid of the electronic wastes.  This begs the question of, will upgrade and modularization encourage a greener environment and less health hazardous working conditions for the workers who are responsible for getting rid of the electronic wastes?  I will not know, and I love to know.  In the end, I picture that one day we may have all in one product which can do everything pretty much — as in things that electronics do and not things that electronics don’t.  For example, we can’t expect electronics to breathe oxygen literally.  Even so, I fear electronics might one day breathe oxygen literally to power themselves, and such a day would be a sight to behold.

Back to the idea of all in one product (electronics) — perhaps such thing will be possible since it’s making more sense to not have to worry about carrying the weights, worrying about losing the things, and so much more if the all in one product turns out to be a robot, right?  I imagine a robot can be a companion, yet it can also be a smart phone, computer, maid, search engine, projector, and so much more.  With a robot following you everywhere you want it to, why would you want to carry a smart phone, a computer, a maid, a projector, and so on?  With a robot, you don’t even have to worry about misplacing it!  So, I think a natural progression of our electronic evolution, robotic industry has got to be the next biggest thing, yet!!!   Plus, it makes more sense to upgrade and modularize a robot than a smart phone.

Send A Robot To School

The future is going to be full of robots?  Actually, we can never know until we see it, but playing with words is rather exciting…  The story goes, a high school student from Texas, Lyndon Baty, uses robot to attend school in his place.  Well, not exactly replacing the student himself, because the robot acts as a medium for Lyndon Baty to interact with his teachers and fellow students.  So why this Texan student uses robot instead of attending school himself?  It’s not like he is too lazy to go to school.  Instead, Lyndon Baty has no immune system whatsoever, and so he has to use the robot to interact with just about anyone.

Not too long ago, we’ve heard South Korea uses robots to replace foreign English teachers to teach second language classes such as English.  Now we have a student in Texas uses robot to attend school.  Soon we may even have doctors and patients interact with each other over some sort of robotic technology for minor checkups.  Robots may become more important to humans than we know it today.  What do you think about using a robot to do something in your place?