Walmart Automates Away A Cleaner

I went to Walmart two days ago, and on the way out of the store, I saw a mopping machine that was automated to clean the floor. Although I was surprised to see it, I wasn’t surprised that Walmart automated a cleaner away. Although I was surprised to see it, I wasn’t surprised by the cleverness of the technology. Why? All of this was written on the horizon for a long time already. This reminds me of what Andrew Yang keeps on reminding us about as he is running as a presidential candidate — wall to wall of big brands’ fulfillment centers are being filled with robots. Anyhow, check out the short clip video that I took on my smartphone of a robot mopper.

Science Fiction Time: Marrying Matrix and Three Body To Let Humans Live Forever!

Science fiction captures us in a state of dreams because it’s something we want but cannot get.  So instead of giving up all hopes, we want to imagine up the possibilities even though some science fiction kinds of stuff would be forever suspended in our imagination.  We also like to dream up many far-fetched scenarios that may or may not be possible in the near future when we would be long gone.  It’s for the future generation we hope because we dream about it now.

With such a spirit, let me steal some ideas from the Matrix and some ideas from Three Body series so I could marry these ideas up to form something really out of this world.  If you have watched the Matrix series, you know that in this world it’s possible for humans to quickly digest digital information directly from machine to the brain as a brain got a connection which can siphon learned digital materials from machines.  If you have read or listened to books in Three Body series, you know that hibernation is a thing!  So why don’t we marry the Matrix’s brain-machine connection with hibernation?

Imagine this, you may want to upload a copy of your brain into a machine or a robot, and allow this robot to live as you in the real world while you hibernate away.  Let’s say you automate your hibernate chamber to wake you up every 100 years so you could come out and play and get some sunshine before you go back to your centennial sleep.  When you wake up, the new era would be way smarter and more advanced than you, and so you would allow the robot that had lived for 100 years in your place to upload the experience of 100 years into your brain so you could catch up with the time in seconds and minutes.

Furthermore, you could direct your robo-self to invest and make money while you’re hibernating away.  This way, when you wake up 100 years later you could be wealthier.  Of course, if your robo-self got a buggy program, you could be poorer instead.  It’s a jungle out there while you’re sleeping into the future, and so I guess you could never expect to be 100% sure that you could be a billionaire when you wake up right?  Regardless, at least you know you could be a lot smarter when you wake up since you could learn all the mistakes and successes from the experiences that the robot uploads to your brain.

Let’s say you only want to play in the sun for 10 days each time you wake up, and the math could continue on to let you sleep and wake, play and then sleep again — almost as if forever young into the future.  Each time you wake up you only waste 10 days of your life, but the future medical care is so advanced that you would be 100% free from diseases.  Well, unless the future is going to regress into a new dark age, you would probably be fine!  So, you would set your sleeping chamber to wake you up whenever a new century arrives so you could come out to play in the sun and absorb all the experiences from the robot.  Oh, your robot probably upgrades itself as time progresses, and so you don’t have to upgrade your robot when you’re awake!

You get the idea, this setup could let you live for a very long time into the future.  If such things ever escape science-fiction and come to play in reality realm, we could say humans almost achieve immortality.  Humans could then wake up from a dream each time to witness a newer century.  Perhaps, the earth itself would cease to be hospitable and the sun would cease to shine and yet humans could still sleeping away in a coffin just to be woken up in a newer century!

Super Sexy Killer Chinese Robot Is Making Waves

Check out a Chinese robot which looks like a real, sexy, beautiful woman.  This sexy robot can also reply to you as if she is a human, and her lips sync with her voice.  I think she got certain machine learning algorithms going for her, but if she goes deep learning then we may see she gets serious.  The cool thing about smart robots is that they can tap into external robotic neural pools/networks and get smart instantly through wireless communication technology, but we humans have to research and learn — and this take time.  If I’m correct, deep learning relies on machine learning to take advantage of powerful machine networks to calculate and self-learn.  If I’m wrong then both of these technologies are totally different from each other.

Perhaps, our pretty robots of today may not have the capability of tapping into such deep learning networks just yet, but the future is certainly bright for such robots.  If deep learning gets so smart to the point of overpowering human intelligence, then we better recognize our new robotic masters!

She is pretty, but can she be dangerous?  Not yet… unless someone updates her in the future and makes her dangerous.  She will be a killer!  Her kung fu on intelligence will step on you like a cockroach.  Check her out in the video right after the break, and don’t die for her beauty.  She’s a killer!

Aren’t We Too Eager To Throw Away The New To Make Way For The Newer?

Verschillende handhelds bij elkaar: Game Boy A...

Verschillende handhelds bij elkaar: Game Boy Advance SP (2x), Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Sony PSP en Nokia 6630 Smart Phone. Foto zelf gemaakt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I feel we are too eager to throw away the new to make way for the newer.  The truth is I too have bought into the whole trend, and probably continuing to do so unless one day I wake up to find the world of technology has suddenly got a facelift.  You will know where I’m going with my ramble if you have already owned a smart phone.  Instead of trying to maximize the lifespan of our smart phones, we often decide to buy newer ones since newer ones usually come out with better and more features.  Sometimes, the smart phone designers, manufacturers, developers, promoters are too eager to roll out newer models of smart phone that encourage users to upgrade, therefore we often see smart phones that are working perfectly fine and only a year old or so find their future in the electronic recycling bins and dumpsters.

Perhaps, there isn’t anything wrong with how we are using our electronics today since at least we’re recycling our electronic wastes.  Nonetheless, I’ve often wondered many possible fictional outcomes if we had gone with the electronic usage trend which would partake on allowing the users to only upgrade and modularize their electronics.  Of course, it would not make sense to do this if upgrading and modularizing electronics are much more expensive than otherwise.  Plus, upgrading and modularizing really tiny electronic devices might be possible but rather almost impossible for regular users who just want to have something that works.  Upgrading and modularizing do sound like extra hard work, therefore people might not want to even think about such things.  Nonetheless, what if we do have commercial services that eager to provide upgrade and modularization of electronics for cheap — or at least to make it more affordable than just buying brand new?  We have seen how people love to upgrade their desktops, laptops, but why do most mobile products such as smart phone cannot be modularized?

Besides the reasons such as affordability, we also have concerns about electronic wastes and how electronic wastes might damage our environment and the health of the people who are actually working to get rid of the electronic wastes.  This begs the question of, will upgrade and modularization encourage a greener environment and less health hazardous working conditions for the workers who are responsible for getting rid of the electronic wastes?  I will not know, and I love to know.  In the end, I picture that one day we may have all in one product which can do everything pretty much — as in things that electronics do and not things that electronics don’t.  For example, we can’t expect electronics to breathe oxygen literally.  Even so, I fear electronics might one day breathe oxygen literally to power themselves, and such a day would be a sight to behold.

Back to the idea of all in one product (electronics) — perhaps such thing will be possible since it’s making more sense to not have to worry about carrying the weights, worrying about losing the things, and so much more if the all in one product turns out to be a robot, right?  I imagine a robot can be a companion, yet it can also be a smart phone, computer, maid, search engine, projector, and so much more.  With a robot following you everywhere you want it to, why would you want to carry a smart phone, a computer, a maid, a projector, and so on?  With a robot, you don’t even have to worry about misplacing it!  So, I think a natural progression of our electronic evolution, robotic industry has got to be the next biggest thing, yet!!!   Plus, it makes more sense to upgrade and modularize a robot than a smart phone.

Will Robotic Industry Be The Next Biggest Thing To Come? Perhaps, Robotic Industry Would Be A Natural Evolution Of Computing Industry?


robots (Photo credit: milky.way)

Perhaps Mr. Dmitry Grishin is lightyear ahead of things to come, because he is betting on that the robotic industry will be the next biggest thing to come by creating a $25 million robotic fund — Not Science Fiction Anymore:’s Dmitry Grishin Launches $25M Robotics Fund.  The fund would be headquartered in New York.  Personally, I think he is right, but it will be some years before people will see the same thing.

I love to envision that in the future, a robot would either attach to or transform into — a car — or follow you into a car, and when you need something to be done the robot would be happily slaved away to help get things done for you.  I’m sure in the future, a robot will look back and read my post and have me condemned for using the words slaved and robot together, but let hope by then I’ll be long gone — old age kind of thing.  In fact, I think in the future, a car itself is also already a type of a robot, and other types of robots will be busied with designated tasks to free up even more time for humans to dawdle.


Few Small Steps For A Robot, One Giant Leap For Robotkind!

Few small steps for a robot, one giant leap for robotkind.  Check out the video right after the break which shows a robot that could walk almost like a human.

Her body and her legs mimic walking movements that are so similar to humans in a way if you dress her up properly, from afar I bet you can’t tell if she is a robot as long those clunky sounds she makes when walking aren’t noticeable.  Now, go work on her brain yo and make sure not to install anything into her so she could one day enslave humankind, OK?